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38 Things I Did in 2009

  1. Went sledding with 30 Girl Scouts.
  2. Gave up a volunteer position that was just too much…
  3. Put trellises on my square foot garden boxed
  4. Grew some tasty snap peas
  5. Made my first batches of green salsa – and it is GOOD!
  6. Helped put in the new fence around my back yard
  7. Made my own glass storage jars
  8. Made a bed skirt out of sheets
  9. Hid the cords by the TV
  10. Went on a road trip – just me and my mom
  11. Saw Niagara Falls
  12. Met my cousin in Vermont
  13. Drove on a toll road for the first time ever
  14. Went to my husband’s 20 year class reunion
  15. Saw one of my best friends – only happens every other year
  16. Made Scrabble tile & domino pendants
  17. Read hundreds of books (children’s)
  18. Read some grown-up books too
  19. Took a weight-lifting class for women
  20. Hung laundry out on the line
  21. Spray painted things
  22. Groomed the dog
  23. Took my vitamins
  24. Flossed my teeth (I’m not telling how often)
  25. Went to some garage sales
  26. Donated things we didn’t need anymore
  27. Cooked over a fire
  28. Walked across the Mississippi River
  29. Went on a picnic
  30. Created a few photo-books online
  31. Completed a couple of other scrapbooks
  32. Shoveled snow
  33. Painted my nails
  34. Celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary
  35. Enjoyed my 38th birthday
  36. Loved my family
  37. Read my Bible
  38. Counted my blessings

Looking at this small sampling of things I did in ’09, I notice that there are fun & exciting “firsts” as well as everyday things that get forgotten in the hustle & bustle.  But isn’t that life?

2009 was a good year & I have every reason to believe 2010 will be just as good if not better!

Happy New Year!


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38 Things I Know How To Do

  1. Make caramel bars
  2. Mend little boys ripped pants
  3. Mend big boys ripped pants
  4. Get stains out of laundry
  5. Trim pets’ nails
  6. Clean a floor
  7. Get hard water deposits off faucets
  8. Paint a room
  9. Strip wallpaper
  10. Make spaghetti & meatballs – homemade
  11. Make monster bars
  12. Bake bread
  13. Pack school lunches
  14. Grow salad veggies: spinach, lettuce, radishes & the like
  15. Make/can salsa
  16. Crochet a dishcloth
  17. Cross-stitch
  18. Sew a basic curtain
  19. Make/can sweet relish
  20. Bake banana bread
  21. Polish shoes
  22. Change diapers (quickly)
  23. Put lights on a Christmas tree
  24. Read children’s stories with “voices”
  25. Use chalkboard spray paint
  26. Make great chocolate chip cookies
  27. Trim bushes/hedges
  28. Dig post holes
  29. Hang pictures on the wall
  30. Unclog the garbage disposal
  31. Change the furnace filter
  32. Write a thank-you note
  33. Check the oil & tire pressure on a vehicle
  34. Set up a tent
  35. Start a fire
  36. Cook over a fire
  37. Climb a tree
  38. Do cartwheels a cartwheel.

What can you do?  What are you good at?  I’d love to know!

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38 Ways I Save Money

  1. Put shampoo & conditioner in pump containers so it doesn’t flood out into kids’ hands.
  2. Use cloth napkins.
  3. Use more rags than paper towels.
  4. Make our bread.
  5. Pack kids’ lunches.
  6. Keep milk to one glass at meals, refills are water.
  7. Grow lots of goodies in our gardens.
  8. Advocate simple fun when kids are bored.
  9. Keep a good supply of board games and puzzles.
  10. Save kids’ returned homework for internal printing jobs.
  11. Print online receipts and payment confirmations to my computer instead of on paper.
  12. Use the heels and little bits of extra bread for crumbs or croutons.
  13. Use a programmable thermostat.
  14. Set the heat to chilly for the 6 overnight hours when everyone is sleeping…then cuddle under the covers.
  15. Dress for the season.  No tank tops allowed in the winter!
  16. Do my own manicures and pedicures.
  17. Stock my pantry at low prices.
  18. Eat from my pantry.
  19. Keep two lists.
  20. Use cash.
  21. Love the library.
  22. Don’t rent movies.  Watch what we have, or see #21.
  23. Shop thrift stores & garage sales.
  24. Know the difference between a need & a want.
  25. Cook from scratch as much as possible.
  26. Do some simple mending.
  27. Hang laundry out whenever possible.
  28. Seal up the windows with that plastic film stuff in the winter.
  29. Do many home repairs & projects ourselves.
  30. Teach kids to be helpers.
  31. Work together towards those common goals.
  32. Use what we already have on hand.
  33. Use it up.
  34. Wear it out.
  35. Make do.
  36. Do without.
  37. Don’t pay attention to the Jones.
  38. Have an attitude of gratitude.

So there you have it…some of the simple ways we save a little cash.  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Happy Holidays!

My kids amused themselves by filling snow in on the stairs. They spent a lot of time sledding down their homemade ramp.

We had a lovely Christmas.  It was a small, relaxed event with our main activity being Christmas Eve church services.  And shoveling.  Did you hear about the blizzard that struck the Midwest?  That included us.  A foot of snow fell over the three days, which in Minnesota terms really isn’t that big a deal.  Happening over Christmas with some areas getting ice & rain too?  That is what makes it tricky.  We were thankful it wasn’t our year to travel.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with many new memories to cherish.

I was having fun with my 38 lists.  I have a couple more started, so you’ll see those this week.  I figure since it is still my birth month and this week is sort of a weird one…that space between Christmas and New Year, where new routines haven’t been started and Christmas is still being savored.

So come back and see the hodge podge of things I’ll put together this week.  It could be amusing.

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38 Things I’d Like To Learn

  1. Calligraphy
  2. Crochet
  3. Knit
  4. Ballroom Dance
  5. Play piano
  6. Decoupage
  7. Create jewelry
  8. Bake pastries
  9. Decorate cakes
  10. Quilt
  11. Put binding on a blanket
  12. Sew clothing (other than pj pants)
  13. Cook rice
  14. Create gourmet meals
  15. Iron without leaving creases
  16. Snow ski
  17. Stamp cards
  18. Upholster furniture
  19. Cut hair
  20. Salsa dance
  21. Speak Spanish
  22. Sign language
  23. Pressure can venison
  24. Make jelly
  25. Make my aunt’s orange rolls
  26. Make my grandfather’s dumplings
  27. Make pfaerten
  28. Eat with chop sticks
  29. Troubleshoot my own computer problems
  30. Fix a leaky toilet
  31. Fix a drippy sink
  32. Hem pants
  33. Embroider
  34. Paint decorative things
  35. Grow lush plants
  36. French braid hair
  37. Grow a healthier garden
  38. Carve pumpkins with a drill


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38 Random Things About Me

  1. I always cross my Ts but rarely dot my Is.
  2. I have blue eyes.  Very blue.
  3. I have had 6 surgeries in my life.
  4. I am relatively healthy.
  5. I have just one sibling, a younger sister.
  6. I am the oldest grandchild on my dad’s side.
  7. I have not met some of my cousins on my mom’s side.  First cousins.
  8. My mom’s family has always been really spread out.
  9. I love to travel but don’t get the chance very often.
  10. I’m more emotional than most people would expect.
  11. I tend to come across as very matter-of-fact.
  12. Family comes first…I’ve lived my life that way.
  13. I have a dog & cat.
  14. My home phone number has always contained numbers in the 50s.  xx5-3052, xxx -5150, xxx -5155
  15. I love to scrapbook.
  16. I need creative outlets more now than I did when I was 28.
  17. I love to have freshly painted toenails.
  18. I married my high school sweetheart.  We started dating Sept. ’87.
  19. My parents were high school sweethearts too.
  20. My sister married her high school sweetheart.
  21. I generally think I can do anything, if only I try.
  22. Sometimes I find out that I can’t.
  23. Autumn is my favorite season, followed closely by Winter.
  24. I do not like hot weather.
  25. I love Mexican food.
  26. I love to read Dr. Seuss stories.
  27. I read more non-fiction than fiction.
  28. Most fiction I read are light mysteries.
  29. I like most music.
  30. One of my favorite movies is Better Off Dead.  It makes me laugh – every time!
  31. I like to laugh & will usually try to find the humor in things.
  32. I talk to the television.  Often.
  33. I also talk to other inanimate objects.
  34. Sometimes I don’t leave my house/yard for almost a week at a time.
  35. I’m usually ok with that.
  36. One of my favorite things is a new snowfall.
  37. I love blizzards and thunderstorms.
  38. Generally, I’m a pretty happy gal.

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38 Things I’ll Be Doing Today

  1. Decide this will be a good day.
  2. Crawl in bed with Stanley @ 4am  so he can go back to sleep (still battling abdominal pain)
  3. Get ready for church.
  4. Run and get a few groceries while Grace is at youth group.
  5. Pick up Grace & go home.
  6. Clean up dog’s mess.
  7. Be thankful the mess was on the linoleum.
  8. Put away groceries.
  9. Take out butter to soften.
  10. Scrub all of kitchen & dining room floors for good measure.
  11. Make a list or two.
  12. Delegate emptying the dishwasher to Grace.
  13. Check on Stanley.
  14. Make lunch.
  15. Make sugar cookie dough and put in frig.
  16. Make Toffee Bars.
  17. Make Caramel Bars.
  18. Roll out & bake sugar cookies.
  19. Make Pecan Tassies.
  20. Make Chocolate Drops.
  21. Check to see if I’m still smiling.
  22. Wash 3 loads of laundry.
  23. Maybe do one more load of laundry.
  24. Make sure all laundry is folded & put away.
  25. Listen to Christmas music. (5 hours worth is already in my CD player, on shuffle)
  26. Sing along to Christmas music.
  27. Make tea & take a break.
  28. Bake chicken for supper.
  29. File papers in office.
  30. Clean up pile-o-junk in office.
  31. Write newsletter for work.
  32. Start updating checkbooks.
  33. Update holiday planner.
  34. Wrap some gifts.
  35. Address final 20 Christmas cards.
  36. Light Advent candles.
  37. Read my Bible.
  38. Pray.

I know this looks like a lot.  I am really looking forward to 90% of it…I love baking cookies, wrapping gifts & just generally being home to take care of things.

Consider this list a glimpse into the overachiever in me…it really is an illness sometimes.  I don’t understand those people who say to limit your to-do list to 6 things.  If I only wrote down 6 things it would say: holiday baking, finish Christmas cards, do laundry, clean office, bookkeeping, work prep for week.   I would still have the BIG list in my head anyway, then I would also maybe not make it to the Bible reading and praying. So while my list looks long, that’s ok…I’ve learned not to beat myself up to bad if I don’t’ get it all done.

I’ll let you know how I do…but right now, I better get started!

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