Company Girl Coffee 12.4

Hello there.  Welcome to a post of randomness.  I’ve been gone awhile but it is all good.  So, if you’ve been here before you  can catch up with me.  And if you are new here, well, thanks for stopping  by!  Stick around and get to know me a little.  Just please ignore the mess.  The dishes lining the counters and the laundry heaped in the bedroom aren’t really the norm around here, especially on a Friday…and I’m not sure why it isn’t making me twitchy right now, but whatever.  It’ll still be there in an hour.

Today is an exciting one.  My girl was accepted into an honor band for the region and has her practice day and concert today.  I am closing up daycare early to be able to attend the concert.  It is also my sister’s 35th birthday.  My little sister.  My only sibling.  We are such a small family now and my parents (who are we kidding, my dad was just along for the ride on this…) made a HUGE deal about birthdays.  Mine is exactly a week after my sister’s and my folks never let the celebration get lost in all the Christmas festivities.  We would celebrate with a family dinner that included my grandparents, always on the weekend between our birthdays.  My mom would make TWO cakes lest we feel slighted for having to share.  We each could pick out what color frosting we wanted.  My sister ALWAYS picked pink.  I never picked pink and rarely picked the same color twice in a row.  There were presents too.  Maybe two or three small things but that isn’t what I remember.  In all the craziness we were given a day to celebrate us.  To make sure we knew we were special and that we should celebrate that.  So I called and sang to my sister this morning.  Early this morning.  That is our tradition now.  And we don’t sing the traditional birthday song…often it is a silly German birthday song we learned in high school German class.  Herr Anderson would probably be so proud.  Or not.  Sometimes we sing goofy other birthday songs…maybe the one from Sixteen Candles or the show Bear in the Big Blue House, anyone remember that?

What else is going on?  I’ve been nesting like a woman 8 months pregnant!  I couldn’t figure out my compulsion to clean and organize my whole house in a week until I realized that I AM nesting.  No – I’m not pregnant.  But I do have a new daycare baby starting full-time on the 14th.  That will make two infants here 10 hours a day 4.5 days a week.  I know that the first couple of weeks will be very busy as the little ones will be 12 & 22 weeks on the 14th.  Yep, kinda like twins.  I’m planning easy suppers for the end of those long  getting-to-know-each-other days.  And I know that I won’t have energy for any extra projects.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we worked like crazy around here.  All the windows were washed, curtains laundered and put back up and the plastic was put on the windows…this is Minnesota after all.  The bedrooms were decluttered and power-cleaned.  The bathroom was dejunked.  I organized under the sink, in the vanity and even the  linen closet.  Kitchen drawers were cleaned out.  Half the Christmas decorations were put up.  You get the idea…it was three days of some serious cleaning.

Now things look good.  Sort of.  You know how there are always those piles of miscellaneous things that need dealt with?  I have a couple of boxes of that.  Some Christmas decor to still get to and just more general straightening up.  Tomorrow is the day for that.  Sunday I plan to finish and order the few photo gifts I have to do.  And I’ve been crafting a little.

I hope you all have been pleasantly busy as well.  Don’t let the chaos of the season keep you from enjoying it!

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5 responses to “Company Girl Coffee 12.4

  1. I liked your sound advice about chaos. There’s plenty of that around here! Thanks for stopping by today. I look forward to meeting up with you for “coffee” again soon!

  2. Congrats to your daughter! How proud you must be! My sister turned 35 yesterday! We have a 2 year old that whose birthday is the 29th and it is hard to not forget the birthday in the midst of all the holiday fuss! We will have to take some of your parents’ advice!

    Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post. I will be adding a bit more each day. I had a leadership meeting with the moms who help me in the MOMS ministry and I had to stop writing to get to it last night. So I will probably add more today and several times during the week. THis is an issue my moms group often discuss around this time of the year so I thought I would address it. It is a tough one. No one wants to offend the extended family but every family wants to build their own immediate family traditions without being “guilted” out of it (often by well meaning extended family that want to see them too!). Especially when you have little ones-you want to establish new traditions and memories. All of us who have had to make this decision feel your pain!

    It sounds to me like you have made a gracious and thoughtful compromise by traveling every other year. It comes down to this-you and your husband must decide, “What is best for my family?” You, your husband and your children form the family relationships that must supercide all others. Sadly, the “all others” don’t always make it easy to honor that. As a mom of adult children, I am very mindful of this dilemna. That is just one of the many reasons I am grateful the Lord has allowed me to teach MOMS Bible Study all these years. It has made me very sensitive to the needs of my adult sons and their families, as I have heard the heartbeat of young moms trying to deal with what you described!! I certainly don’t want to make life difficult for my sweet guys and their darling family and the godly households they are trying to build. Anyways, I have gone long-too many words, but I hope I have encouraged you.

    PS. I have just finished a 10 week semester with my MOMS group and the podcast are available on my site (sidebar or open the page “Podcast.”). You can download them at no charge, and hopefully your heart will be encouraged further. Please check in with me during the holidays and let me know how this is all falling out for you! Blessings.

  4. joyceandnorm

    Congrats to your girl! Happy birthday to you and your sister! A 12 and 22-week old. They must keep you busy for sure. Are there other children you’re caring for or just the two? I was once a Pre-K teacher, but now having 2 of my own I’m not sure about going back to working with kids. haha Have a great weekend!

    • smalltownsimplehome

      Thanks! I have those two then a 17 month old, two 2 year olds and two 3 year olds. Then after school I have up to 5 more burst through the door, including my own two. It is a busy day, but they are great kids! How old are yours?
      Enjoy your weekend too!

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