Makin’ Ice Part 2

Over the weekend I talked about the excitement in the air over the colder temps.

At church the older men behind me ( in their 70s & 80s) were talking about how we’re “makin’  ice” now and asking each other if they knew anyone that had been out yet.  One man said he knew a guy (maybe his son?  I was trying not to be too obvious in my eavesdropping) that had tested it out, but the rock he’d thrown out went right through the ice so “he’s gonna wait a bit”.

Sure enough as I was leaving town yesterday to do some shopping, I passed one truck leaving the gas station pulling a fish house.  Then, less than half a block later there were a couple of guys leaving the bait shop and walking back to their truck.  The back of the truck held a portable fish house, some buckets, a little heater…all the paraphernalia.

Now I can’t think that the ice is thick enough for a fish house of any kind right now, but maybe on some of the smaller lakes.  We literally have hundreds of lakes in our county, within an hour radius.

And the really crazy thing, the reason that I am even telling you all this, is that Saturday some smart guy decided to take his BOAT out on one of the lakes. He admits he had to break a little ice to get out on open water.  Then it froze back in around shore, the man’s motor stalled out and he had to be rescued.  I bet he doesn’t live that down any time soon. Yesterday that lake was completely frozen over.

So my deck doors are frozen up and it is about 10 degrees.  There’s an inch of snow on the ground with a little more expected tomorrow.  My husband is out-of-town for work until tomorrow night, but Wednesday I’m sure he’s planning to go fishing.

Should I remind him to take his life jacket?



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2 responses to “Makin’ Ice Part 2

  1. Thank you for taking time to leave a note on my post. I think you are so smart to use paper plates this year. When I had 1 baby due and 1 2-year old I used paper and it was such a help! What a simple thing but it paid off big. Just a little thing like that can help out so much. I knew I would not always use paper plates for our Christmas meal, but I reconized that at times-it is wise to consider ways to “short cut” some things in order to have the time to do other things that are more important and in the end-be able to enjoy my family. As moms we often push ourselves to the limit on the holidays only to miss out on some of the most precious moments. A sour disposition, mounting disappointment, and a short temper show up and bring MORE guilt with them.

    It sounds as if you have some to the same conclusion. So things don’t matter. Some things matter so much that everything else must pale in comparison. I pray God’s rich blessings on you and your family as you celebrate (in the frozen part of the USA) the birth of the Lord Jesus.


    • smalltownsimplehome

      Thanks Jean, for stopping by! We will only use the paper for quick meals on busy days at home, but as you said, even that can help so much.
      And it is FROZEN up here. We didn’t’ get the blizzard that hit the southern part of the state but we got COLD. Below zero when the kids left for school and -25 degree wind-chills all day. Good thing I love winter!

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