Yesterday I decided that I could whine to myself about not having started my holiday baking, or I could do something about it.  So at nap time I tried to get the gingerbread cookie dough mixed up, only to find that I didn’t have enough molasses.  Determined not to let that get me down, I resolved to just pick up more on my way to pick up Stanley from the community center after work.   I got my gingerbread dough done, along with a batch of Spritz dough and out to chill while we ate dinner.  Once the supper dishes were cleaned up I hurried to get the Spritz in the oven.  Then Stanley helped me get the Gingerbread cookies made.  He loves those.  He also loves working in the kitchen.  Half an hour after his normal bedtime he was tasting one of his cookies before brushing teeth and crawling into bed.

I’ve decided to make Sunday my baking day.  After church I’ll put on my apron and get to work.  I love spending days like that…so I am truly excited to see what I can get done.  I have no doubt I’ll have plenty of help as both Grace and Stanley enjoy time in the kitchen.  Now to think up something yummy to put in the crockpot that day so I don’t have to stop baking to get dinner on the table.


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