38 Things I Did on my Birthday

  1. Briefly woke up a few minutes after midnight to my son waking my husband.  He had a bad stomach ache.
  2. Slept about 20 minutes later than I should have.
  3. Remembered that I didn’t have to pack lunches…a birthday present to myself.
  4. Remembered that I still had to change the cat litter (garbage day).
  5. Changed cat litter.
  6. Started my work day to a little blonde girl wishing me happy birthday.
  7. Drank a delicious Chai Tea that another daycare family brought me.
  8. Made my bed.
  9. Made a doctor appointment for the boy.
  10. Changed diapers.
  11. Cuddled a baby.
  12. Read a Christmas story to little girls.
  13. Got lots of birthday hugs from kids.
  14. Wrapped a couple Christmas presents.
  15. Took my son to the doctor.
  16. Held his hand as he had blood drawn.
  17. Waited.
  18. Talked with doctors.
  19. Explained doctor appointment to my husband.
  20. Made decision as to whether we would still leave for the night.
  21. Ate grilled cheese and tomato soup with my son.
  22. Packed my bags for a night away.
  23. Talked to my best pal from Washington State.
  24. Opened my birthday present from said friend.
  25. Accepted package from FedEx guy…Christmas presents I ordered.
  26. Looked through the mail.
  27. Opened my Christmas present from my hubby & kids.
  28. Cashed in change at the bank.
  29. Went back home for things I forgot.
  30. Traveled with my family to nearby town for the night.
  31. Checked into hotel.
  32. Hugged & kissed my husband (not first time today).
  33. Answered calls from friends wishing me happy birthday.
  34. Ate wonderful supper.
  35. Did some shopping with my girl.
  36. Came back to hotel.
  37. Relaxed.
  38. Wrote this list.

It was a great day.  My son is feeling much better and while I still think his pain was possibly appendicitis, the surgeon did not.  There are good medical facilities here so we felt confident that if he got worse we were still in good hands.

I am looking forward to another great year!


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