38 Things I’ll Be Doing Today

  1. Decide this will be a good day.
  2. Crawl in bed with Stanley @ 4am  so he can go back to sleep (still battling abdominal pain)
  3. Get ready for church.
  4. Run and get a few groceries while Grace is at youth group.
  5. Pick up Grace & go home.
  6. Clean up dog’s mess.
  7. Be thankful the mess was on the linoleum.
  8. Put away groceries.
  9. Take out butter to soften.
  10. Scrub all of kitchen & dining room floors for good measure.
  11. Make a list or two.
  12. Delegate emptying the dishwasher to Grace.
  13. Check on Stanley.
  14. Make lunch.
  15. Make sugar cookie dough and put in frig.
  16. Make Toffee Bars.
  17. Make Caramel Bars.
  18. Roll out & bake sugar cookies.
  19. Make Pecan Tassies.
  20. Make Chocolate Drops.
  21. Check to see if I’m still smiling.
  22. Wash 3 loads of laundry.
  23. Maybe do one more load of laundry.
  24. Make sure all laundry is folded & put away.
  25. Listen to Christmas music. (5 hours worth is already in my CD player, on shuffle)
  26. Sing along to Christmas music.
  27. Make tea & take a break.
  28. Bake chicken for supper.
  29. File papers in office.
  30. Clean up pile-o-junk in office.
  31. Write newsletter for work.
  32. Start updating checkbooks.
  33. Update holiday planner.
  34. Wrap some gifts.
  35. Address final 20 Christmas cards.
  36. Light Advent candles.
  37. Read my Bible.
  38. Pray.

I know this looks like a lot.  I am really looking forward to 90% of it…I love baking cookies, wrapping gifts & just generally being home to take care of things.

Consider this list a glimpse into the overachiever in me…it really is an illness sometimes.  I don’t understand those people who say to limit your to-do list to 6 things.  If I only wrote down 6 things it would say: holiday baking, finish Christmas cards, do laundry, clean office, bookkeeping, work prep for week.   I would still have the BIG list in my head anyway, then I would also maybe not make it to the Bible reading and praying. So while my list looks long, that’s ok…I’ve learned not to beat myself up to bad if I don’t’ get it all done.

I’ll let you know how I do…but right now, I better get started!


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