38 Things I’d Like To Learn

  1. Calligraphy
  2. Crochet
  3. Knit
  4. Ballroom Dance
  5. Play piano
  6. Decoupage
  7. Create jewelry
  8. Bake pastries
  9. Decorate cakes
  10. Quilt
  11. Put binding on a blanket
  12. Sew clothing (other than pj pants)
  13. Cook rice
  14. Create gourmet meals
  15. Iron without leaving creases
  16. Snow ski
  17. Stamp cards
  18. Upholster furniture
  19. Cut hair
  20. Salsa dance
  21. Speak Spanish
  22. Sign language
  23. Pressure can venison
  24. Make jelly
  25. Make my aunt’s orange rolls
  26. Make my grandfather’s dumplings
  27. Make pfaerten
  28. Eat with chop sticks
  29. Troubleshoot my own computer problems
  30. Fix a leaky toilet
  31. Fix a drippy sink
  32. Hem pants
  33. Embroider
  34. Paint decorative things
  35. Grow lush plants
  36. French braid hair
  37. Grow a healthier garden
  38. Carve pumpkins with a drill


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2 responses to “38 Things I’d Like To Learn

  1. What an interesting list! I have to say that the carving a pumpkin with a drill threw me a little off… i didn’t know that you could do that at all! I really enjoy your posts, and love getting updated on your thoughts.

    • smalltownsimplehome

      My kids had friends over for Halloween this year and we carved half a dozen pumpkins. I had seen articles on using a drill…so we tried it without much forethought. What a hoot! And what a mess! With only one drill, it was tough to share (10 kids) so I already bought a couple of cheap drills on sale. Get some big bits & we’ll see how next year goes…
      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a good Christmas!

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