Happy Holidays!

My kids amused themselves by filling snow in on the stairs. They spent a lot of time sledding down their homemade ramp.

We had a lovely Christmas.  It was a small, relaxed event with our main activity being Christmas Eve church services.  And shoveling.  Did you hear about the blizzard that struck the Midwest?  That included us.  A foot of snow fell over the three days, which in Minnesota terms really isn’t that big a deal.  Happening over Christmas with some areas getting ice & rain too?  That is what makes it tricky.  We were thankful it wasn’t our year to travel.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with many new memories to cherish.

I was having fun with my 38 lists.  I have a couple more started, so you’ll see those this week.  I figure since it is still my birth month and this week is sort of a weird one…that space between Christmas and New Year, where new routines haven’t been started and Christmas is still being savored.

So come back and see the hodge podge of things I’ll put together this week.  It could be amusing.


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