38 Things I Did in 2009

  1. Went sledding with 30 Girl Scouts.
  2. Gave up a volunteer position that was just too much…
  3. Put trellises on my square foot garden boxed
  4. Grew some tasty snap peas
  5. Made my first batches of green salsa – and it is GOOD!
  6. Helped put in the new fence around my back yard
  7. Made my own glass storage jars
  8. Made a bed skirt out of sheets
  9. Hid the cords by the TV
  10. Went on a road trip – just me and my mom
  11. Saw Niagara Falls
  12. Met my cousin in Vermont
  13. Drove on a toll road for the first time ever
  14. Went to my husband’s 20 year class reunion
  15. Saw one of my best friends – only happens every other year
  16. Made Scrabble tile & domino pendants
  17. Read hundreds of books (children’s)
  18. Read some grown-up books too
  19. Took a weight-lifting class for women
  20. Hung laundry out on the line
  21. Spray painted things
  22. Groomed the dog
  23. Took my vitamins
  24. Flossed my teeth (I’m not telling how often)
  25. Went to some garage sales
  26. Donated things we didn’t need anymore
  27. Cooked over a fire
  28. Walked across the Mississippi River
  29. Went on a picnic
  30. Created a few photo-books online
  31. Completed a couple of other scrapbooks
  32. Shoveled snow
  33. Painted my nails
  34. Celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary
  35. Enjoyed my 38th birthday
  36. Loved my family
  37. Read my Bible
  38. Counted my blessings

Looking at this small sampling of things I did in ’09, I notice that there are fun & exciting “firsts” as well as everyday things that get forgotten in the hustle & bustle.  But isn’t that life?

2009 was a good year & I have every reason to believe 2010 will be just as good if not better!

Happy New Year!


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