38 Things I Know How To Do

  1. Make caramel bars
  2. Mend little boys ripped pants
  3. Mend big boys ripped pants
  4. Get stains out of laundry
  5. Trim pets’ nails
  6. Clean a floor
  7. Get hard water deposits off faucets
  8. Paint a room
  9. Strip wallpaper
  10. Make spaghetti & meatballs – homemade
  11. Make monster bars
  12. Bake bread
  13. Pack school lunches
  14. Grow salad veggies: spinach, lettuce, radishes & the like
  15. Make/can salsa
  16. Crochet a dishcloth
  17. Cross-stitch
  18. Sew a basic curtain
  19. Make/can sweet relish
  20. Bake banana bread
  21. Polish shoes
  22. Change diapers (quickly)
  23. Put lights on a Christmas tree
  24. Read children’s stories with “voices”
  25. Use chalkboard spray paint
  26. Make great chocolate chip cookies
  27. Trim bushes/hedges
  28. Dig post holes
  29. Hang pictures on the wall
  30. Unclog the garbage disposal
  31. Change the furnace filter
  32. Write a thank-you note
  33. Check the oil & tire pressure on a vehicle
  34. Set up a tent
  35. Start a fire
  36. Cook over a fire
  37. Climb a tree
  38. Do cartwheels a cartwheel.

What can you do?  What are you good at?  I’d love to know!


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