Looking Forward

Just a few days  into 2010 and I am still on track with my resolutions.  In part because I don’t have specific, detailed goals.  Instead I have a theme for the year.  We’ll be calling 2010 the year of Use What You Have!

Those boxes of picture frames?  I’ll be finally getting the photo collages up in the family room.

The Lord’s Prayer cross-stitch I started over a decade ago?  I’ll get that done.

Need a curtain?  Scout around to see what we have already.

New potholders?  Maybe take out the sewing machine, some old jeans & that old mattress pad.

Get the idea?  Its time to get to all those things I’ve been meaning to get to.  But that doesn’t mean I have to finish the things I listed…it just means I need to look to what I already have before I take on more.  More stuff, more projects…more whatever.   So five days in, I’d say its going pretty well.

On New Year’s Day the Christmas decorations were packed up and the winter/snowman decorations were brought out.  I wanted a curtain on the family room window for a while (there are blinds) but finally just got something put up that day.  I used a pretty wool blanket that matched the room and some curtain clips that I already had…in 5 minutes I had it done.  THAT is what I hope to accomplish this year.

Here’s the small, simple plan for 2010:

  • Do what I can
  • Use what I have
  • Try not to take life too seriously

Of course, I’m just like most people…I’d like to save more money, lose weight, read more, and on it goes.  But that won’t be my main focus this year.  Somehow I think by letting go of some of the usual goals I’ll get more done.  Kind of like the way you can measure your furniture & it shouldn’t fit any other way, but when you actually move it around it works.  Or the budget that doesn’t exactly balance on paper works when put into practice.

What do you think?  Too vague?


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