This week is NOT going as planned.  I am stressed out & behind on all the things I should be doing.  So, hello, thanks for helping me procrastinate!

Ever notice that when life gets busy money seems to disappear?  Happens here.  And I don’t think we’re that unique.

I like life on the quiet side as far as the day-to-day operations go.  A few activities here and there for the kids, maybe a meeting or two thrown in every so often and I am good.  So I’m on foreign ground now.  Thursday is now our crazy day.  Stanley has wrestling practice after school until 5:15.  Usually Grace has Speech practice until the same time, but today she has a practice meet until 5:45.  Stanley has piano lessons from 6:00 until 6:30 (a 10 minute drive) and then Grace has Volleyball practice from 7 – 8:30.  It is usually closer to 9:00 before we get home.  My main issue with this schedule is dinner.  When do we eat?  And what do we have?

I know many, many families have this type of schedule several nights a week.  I’m not really whining as much as trying to figure out how to make it better.  We have almost always eaten together as a family…at least with the kids and one parent.  So everyone eating at different times is tough for me.  And yes, I know it will only get worse!  When we started this schedule it was ok because Thursday is leftovers night.  With garbage day on Friday we always clear out the frig on Thursday nights.  In my efficiency lately there haven’t been leftovers.  I am cooking dinner one night and then incorporating those leftovers into the next day’s lunch.

So now what?  I want something filling, nourishing and easy for them to scoop up.  I think the crockpot is probably the way to go.  I have 6 crockpots in varying sizes so I shouldn’t have a problem there.  But what do I prepare?  It has to be able to be ready at 6:00 but keep warm, without getting mushy, until 7:00.  Here’s a list of what I’ve come up with…  Meat for sandwiches: sloppy joes, shredded chicken or pork, or lasagna hot-dish.  Other, non crockpot ideas I had include fixings for cold-meat sandwiches or chef salads.

I know you all have more great ideas!  Help me out!  PLEASE!!  Because it really crossed my mind that Dan and I could each take one kid out for a quick supper – and that’s not the kind of simple I’m looking for!


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