7 Quick Takes (vol. 1)

I love reading the Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary, so I thought I’d add mine this week.  I seem to be all about randomness lately so this should be easy.

  1. Today is the family dog’s birthday.  She’s now a 9-year-old chocolate lab.  A gentler dog you won’t find.  My son thought I should make puppy chow for snack today in honor of the “puppy’s” birthday.
  2. I have survived almost a week with a teenager in the house.  Grace turned 13 on Sunday.  Just when I can’t believe I have a teenager, she gives me a good dose of attitude.  Then I believe it.
  3. Outside there are a couple of inches of fresh snow & it is snowing lightly now.  I love days like this…especially when it is FRIDAY too!
  4. Tomorrow I get a day home alone!  The boys will be at a wrestling tournament in the morning and then have fishing plans.  Grace has her first speech tournament.  I’m not going to watch wrestling because my tax appointment is looming and I have a LOT of data entry to do.  But even tax work can’t take the excitement out of a day to myself at home!
  5. My son was asked to take part in a team wrestling meet that is on Sunday.  It will be the first opportunity I’ve had to watch him wrestle this year.  I love watching my kids in their various sports.  I enjoy visiting with parents and seeing the kids work together.  We don’t usually do things like this on Sunday, but we’re making an exception this time.
  6. Yesterday I got to see a baby roll over for the first time.  Babies are wonderful little creatures…even when they cry and poop.
  7. The days are flying by and this is the busiest we’ve been in a LONG time.  I’ve had trouble staying focused on just one day at a time.  I tend to get overwhelmed by the big picture.  I’m working on it…

So there you have it…a few little random tidbits from my life this week.


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  1. I think puppy chow sounds very appropiate!

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