So That’s What Went Wrong

Going into this week I was feeling pretty good.  The normal kind of busy, but that’s about it.  Or so I thought.

I went to middle school conferences on Monday.  I always go down to the music dept to visit with the band director.  He’s a quirky guy and I don’t think he gets many visitors.  He mentioned something about the concert Thursday.  Mental note – I don’t think I know anything about a concert Thursday.  So when I got home I checked…nope nothing on the calendar about a Thursday band concert.  I decided to figure it out tomorrow (today).

This morning as the first daycare family was coming in, Stanley produced a permission slip from his backpack.  A field trip coming up.  Ok.  Set it on the counter and I’ll take care of it later today.  He said it was due on the 22nd.  Whatever…I’ll do it for tomorrow.  Oh.  The 22nd was YESTERDAY.  Great.

As I cleaned up the breakfast dishes a friend called to see if I’d be at a meeting tonight.  Again I don’t have any recollection of it.  I said that if my co-leader couldn’t make it I would try.  After washing dishes I’d call my co-leader.  I glanced at the calendar on the wall next to the sink, hands still soapy, trying to figure out why I didn’t remember the meeting.  Well, I hadn’t written down the meeting but I did write down a dentist appointment for tonight!  Hadn’t remembered that either.

Eventually I did get details on the band concert.  I lined up my co-leader to go to the meeting.  I got my teeth cleaned.  My son is all set to go on that field trip.

So here’s the organizational system that would’ve helped:

Buy calendar done

Write pertinent information on calendar

Periodically check to see that info is UP-TO-DATE

Look at calendar at least weekly (preferably daily)

Seems simple.  Think I’ll try it.


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