Speak Up

Sometimes it’s hard for me to speak up.  Especially when I feel like I probably should’ve said something earlier and didn’t, for whatever reason.

That was the case with Stanley’s new glasses.  He got new glasses in September after losing the old ones, and at first they were ok.  But eventually it seemed that two weeks didn’t go by without a trip into the eye place to have them adjusted.  Once he broke off a nose piece trying to adjust it himself.  He would complain that the glasses would slip right off his head while we was looking down at his paper in school.  The lenses were scratched from them flying off in gym class.  All the repairs and adjustments were free with the one year warranty that comes with the glasses, but it was all getting annoying.

When the new lenses were in and they called to say we could come in and have them switched I decided to mention the aggravation these glasses were causing.  I hoped they could at least tell me if this brand was problematic or if they were maybe made out of a slightly different material that didn’t hold it’s shape as well…something.  And then I was going to make a note to not buy this brand/type again.

Surprisingly the manager (it’s a three person crew) acknowledged that we had been in there a lot with these new glasses and suggested we replace the frames with different ones.  I asked what that would cost.  She said it wouldn’t cost anything, that she’d send them back under the warranty.  Cool.  I didn’t think I could exchange them after almost 5 months.

He’s had his new glasses for a few weeks.  What a difference!

This time mentioning a problem found us a happy solution.  It was certainly worth speaking up.  When did you last speak up about something, and did you get satisfaction from it?


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