WFMW: Keepin’ It Simple

Have you ever gotten bogged down in the details of your new “system” for doing something?  When that happens to me, I end up no better off than before I tried to simplify whatever it was.  Sometimes simple is the way to go.  Overly organized lives look good in the magazine articles and bog posts we read, but really sometimes the solution is very simple.

Our family dog, Jessie  is on medication for her thyroid twice a day.  She’s pretty good about taking her pill, but it can be  hard to remember to give it to her.  Especially at night.  Jessie’s morning dose coincides with breakfast and is easily remembered, but that evening dose is sometimes missed.

In trying to think of the best way to remember this medication on schedule I came up with a couple of ideas.

  • Use a day-of-the-week pill-box I already have languishing in the bathroom closet & fill it once a week.
  • Make a little chart to check off the doses as given.  Hang it inside the cupboard door where the pills are kept.

While these are easy,  something about them didn’t seem like it would work so well.  The pill-box isn’t child-proof so I’d have to move it to a higher shelf.  Would that put it out of sight & out of mind?  And not everyone would always mark a chart.


Then I had another idea.  And it works!

In the morning, after giving Jessie her pill, I turn the bottle upside down on the shelf.  In the evening if the bottle is still upside down I know I haven’t given the evening dose.  After the evening dose the bottle goes back  right-side up,  so that each morning starts with an upright bottle.

I know it sounds really simple.  Nothing to buy, make or round up around the house.  That in fact, is the beauty of it.

What works for me is not just turning a pill bottle upside down after a dose, but trying to find the simplest solution to my problems.

To find out what works for hundreds of others check out Rocks In My Dryer (she’s hosting this week for We are THAT Family).



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2 responses to “WFMW: Keepin’ It Simple

  1. That’s a good idea, but I know I wouldn’t even look at the bottle! LOL!

    This last time I made a quick table on excel to show each date and a box for twice daily. It made it easier for me to see if I had given the medicine yet and also was a nice countdown to the last dose.

    • smalltownsimplehome

      I know…I have the bottle in the cupboard with glasses since it is the most used spot all day. An excel chart was tempting but I know I’d be diggin for a pencil & others wouldn’t remember to mark it off. Since she’s on the med for life it has to be easy.

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