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I know that setting a good example is the best way to teach kids how we want them to be/act.  So lately while working on decluttering some areas around here I have been stacking the miscellany that doesn’t have a spot, I’ve cut my kids more slack too.  It’s hard to make them have a clean room when mine has a pile-o-junk sitting there waiting for a home.

Today I stumbled onto this article and realized that I really really need to get my act together.  If for no other reason than to be able to tell my kids, with a clear conscience,  to clean their rooms.  Pathetic but true.


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Laundry Thoughts

Today I’ve got laundry on my mind.  Maybe because I’ve been working on the laundry since 6:30 this morning.  The end is in sight – only 2 more loads to go.

How do you do laundry?  Do you hate it?  I actually like don’t mind doing laundry.  There is a great sense of accomplishment in seeing that mountain of dirty clothes shrink.

I have gone through many laundry “schedules” over the years.  From doing a load or two per day to my current two days a week.  Nothing is set in stone, but I try to hold out for FULL loads.  I don’t usually like to do much laundry on the weekends and because I work at home I can often have it done in a work day.  The beginning of the week, usually Monday, I do a few loads and then I try to get it all caught up on Thursday or Friday so we go into the weekend with full closets.

Now that my kids are getting older I’ve been more aware of the school of thought that kids should do their own laundry.  Honestly, while I’m sure this works for some, I can’t understand it.  How can kids honestly have a full load of anything at one time?  So do jeans and sweats and T-shirts and underwear end up in the same load???  Or do they do a few really small loads?  It just doesn’t seem very efficient.

At our house, both kids know how to sort the laundry (by whites, darks, colors, jeans, etc…and further by fabric weight if the loads are big) and how to do a load of laundry to completion.  Since we all live here, we take care of each other…none of the “well it wasn’t MINE so I didn’t’ do it” stuff.

I know a common argument to our approach is that kids might ruin parents’ clothes.  I don’t have anything special for work and my husbands button down shirts are nothing that can be ruined too easily.  If we had nice/expensive work clothes we would maybe instruct the kids to leave those alone until they were older and we trusted them to be able to do those loads safely.

When we got a front-load washer a few years ago I made a chart for how each type of load gets done with all the settings spelled out. There are notes on the dryer too.  Most of the guesswork is gone with notes posted.

Another little thing…here at our house, if you find small bills and change in the laundry you may keep it. If you fished it out of a pocket we encourage returning it to the owner, but if you found it in a basket or in the washer or dryer, you get it.  Sometimes when I know a child will be doing some laundry there just might be a loose dollar or two to be found.  (I also believe in a little extra something for helpful kids…just not so often they expect it)

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