Textured Paint

I am quickly reminded why we haven’t tackled redecorating Grace’s room before now… and I’m wondering why we’re doing it now.

When we moved in her room had been a decorated years earlier as a baby girl room.  It has mauve carpet.  ick.  The walls were a light pink on top with a rag-type paint treatment in a darker pink/mauve color.  The bottom was some comb-type texture paint treatment.  Near as I can tell it was painted the darker color then the lighter color was thickened a LOT and applied, then combed to create a striped effect.  Our problem is that half way up the wall, where the previous owners placed a lovely border of pink cabbage roses, the texture stops.

When we moved in, we had a day to paint before the movers brought everything so I scrambled to find a border to match the paint we were using and went with it.  For almost 5 years the bottom half of her room has been purple with 2 green and 2 yellow walls on top.  A tie-dyed swirl border has camouflaged the transition from smooth wall to texture.

Now she is going to make a switch to a more streamlined black and white look.  Everything is bought and we’re even replacing flooring this weekend.  The thing is, we have a timeline!  I have to have it all put back by 6:30 Tuesday morning so I can work.

We have been told that we could just sand down the texture, so we were resigned to the fact that it would be a messy job, but do-able.  Not long into it, it is evident that this could rip up the drywall too.  The sander keeps grabbing more than it should.

My hubby is out getting a haircut and then he’s going to pick up some different sand paper to see if that helps.

I washed the top half of the walls and was researching other possible ways to smooth out these walls… it seems there are two choices if the sanding doesn’t work.

1.  use a gel-type paint stripper and strip most of the paint off that way, then sand and paint (this would seriously mess with our timeline)

2.  buy smooth wall board and cover this problem up (not a great option and definitely not good for the budget)

Stay tuned for updates!  I’m sure this could get interesting…

And if you have ANY experience with this stuff  SPEAK UP!!

**I’ll add photos later


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