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The $6 Bed Skirt

A bed that needs a skirt! View from the door.

I still need to do a full review of Grace’s room redo…it looks so good now!  But I don’t have much time or many after pics right now, so that will have to wait.

There are a few things she still needs to do.  Hang things back on the walls, order new pics for the frames she has, and maybe get a photo collage or two ordered.

A bed skirt was the other thing we couldn’t find.

We decided a plain black one would be best.  With the different black & white prints we didn’t want things to get too busy.  The problem was that with her bed on risers, she needed a bedskirt with a 21 inch drop.  That is quite a bit!  Most are around 15 inches.  Average cost was $20 – $30.  Well, for something that would run short anyway I didn’t want to pay that much.

Out of necessity I made a bed-skirt once before… so I got to thinking that maybe that would be an option.

I found new black sheets (twin size – like I used before) for only $3 each!  I bought two and in 5 minutes today Grace had a new bed skirt.  I love the quick easy (and cheap) way!

Again the view from the door...much better looking now.


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I am always trying to make more from scratch.  It is an attempt to save money as well as cut out preservatives and additives.  Mostly, though, it is a challenge.  And I love a good challenge.

As I mentioned Friday, we are re-doing our daughter’s room this weekend.  So far it’s been long hours of sanding and painting.  Today the painting should wrap up and flooring can commence.  (this post was started Memorial Day weekend)

And while all this work is going on I don’t want to think too hard about meals.  I also don’t want to eat every meal out for 3 days.

Yesterday morning I got up at 6:00 (not sure why) and was quietly hopping around different blogs reading a little of this & a little of that.  I happened on this recipe for beans.   I’ve made dried beans before, but they’ve only been okay.  I’m looking for a GOOD recipe to get me going again.  This one looked good and intrigued me because there was no soaking of the beans first.

I was worried because it didn’t say how much water to add…and I was sure there should be more liquid than 1/3 cup olive oil.  Otherwise I had enough of the ingredients to give this a try.  And it would be great to make right away and have for supper.

So I decided I didn’t have much to lose.  I had 2.25 cups pinto beans so I added enough black beans to make 3 cups.  I rinsed them and added the spices and olive oil.  I didn’t have any onion but a large quarter so I threw that in the pot in one large chunk.  I was also out of garlic.  I did have a little bit of minced jarred garlic, so I dumped that in – liquid and all.

Then I was back to the water…I added enough to cover the beans and checked it a couple of hours later, adding more when it looked dry.

This was delicious!!!  My kids even cleaned their plates!  There was probably a little more liquid than needed so next time I might not add quite as much, but after 9 hours on high and 1 on warm the beans were cooked just right.  We are eating the rest today and I foresee this on menus to come…it really is that good.

A small bowl of the first batch of beans paired with my CSA greens and homemade poppy seed dressing, made for a great supper!

*** I made these again.  This time I kept track of the water I added.  I started with 2 cups and then added another 1.5 cups about two hours later.  Several hours later I added another quarter cup… it had a little liquid in it but wasn’t soupy.  Next time I’ll just start with a tad more than 3.5 cups of water and see how that goes.


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CSA Week 2

The salads from week one were wonderful.  There was only a little bowl of greens left today from last week’s delivery, and they still taste good!

CSA Delivery Week 2

Today’s delivery was much the same.  Sadly no surprise cucumber hiding in there though.  My plan is to have side salads with most dinners and then salad as the main course at least once a week.  My hubby even said twice a week would be ok with him…wow.

As I was assembling the ingredients for a big salad supper on Monday my kids told me that they don’t mind the salads if there is the extra stuff to go with it. What extras go with it?  Homemade croutons, little cubes of cheese, hard boiled egg, quartered (turkey) pepperoni slices, sliced radishes…and any other little bits that look good.

So I see lots of leafy greens in our diets for the near future.  And radishes.  One of the bunches is supposed to be English Breakfast Radishes.  I don’t really know what the difference is…when I tried to look it up I didn’t find out much more that sometimes people eat radishes thinly sliced on toast with butter and salt.  Interesting.

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Textured Paint Update

work in progress

Just a quick note to say that we did get the texture sanded off Grace’s walls…it was a long process.  Her room is done (with the exception of hanging things on walls) and it looks great.  I will give more detail & photos soon!

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CSA Week 1

I am sooo excited for the box of produce every week!  Our first box got here on Wednesday.  I picked it up at 6 pm at the local drop-off spot…loading it into my own bag from the reusable box they deliver it in.

CSA Week One

The weekly email from the farm said that the first few weeks would be lean, as it is mostly salad crops ready now.  They are keeping track of the dollar value each week so shareholders are sure to get their share value worth.

The box of lettuce (leaf, garden mix & romaine), spinach & radishes held one surprise cucumber too.  The cucumber was DELICIOUS!!  As were the radishes and leafy greens… When I got it home I quickly cleaned some lettuce and then decided that my fresh salad would be awesome with poppy-seed dressing.  So I found a recipe and made some.  Absolutely wonderful!  I had another salad on Thursday for lunch.

Because we left Thursday for a trip to HomeTown, we gave a lot of the leafy greens away.

Next week I expect there will be more salad fixins and, I’m hoping, more cukes!

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