CSA Week 1

I am sooo excited for the box of produce every week!  Our first box got here on Wednesday.  I picked it up at 6 pm at the local drop-off spot…loading it into my own bag from the reusable box they deliver it in.

CSA Week One

The weekly email from the farm said that the first few weeks would be lean, as it is mostly salad crops ready now.  They are keeping track of the dollar value each week so shareholders are sure to get their share value worth.

The box of lettuce (leaf, garden mix & romaine), spinach & radishes held one surprise cucumber too.  The cucumber was DELICIOUS!!  As were the radishes and leafy greens… When I got it home I quickly cleaned some lettuce and then decided that my fresh salad would be awesome with poppy-seed dressing.  So I found a recipe and made some.  Absolutely wonderful!  I had another salad on Thursday for lunch.

Because we left Thursday for a trip to HomeTown, we gave a lot of the leafy greens away.

Next week I expect there will be more salad fixins and, I’m hoping, more cukes!


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