The $6 Bed Skirt

A bed that needs a skirt! View from the door.

I still need to do a full review of Grace’s room redo…it looks so good now!  But I don’t have much time or many after pics right now, so that will have to wait.

There are a few things she still needs to do.  Hang things back on the walls, order new pics for the frames she has, and maybe get a photo collage or two ordered.

A bed skirt was the other thing we couldn’t find.

We decided a plain black one would be best.  With the different black & white prints we didn’t want things to get too busy.  The problem was that with her bed on risers, she needed a bedskirt with a 21 inch drop.  That is quite a bit!  Most are around 15 inches.  Average cost was $20 – $30.  Well, for something that would run short anyway I didn’t want to pay that much.

Out of necessity I made a bed-skirt once before… so I got to thinking that maybe that would be an option.

I found new black sheets (twin size – like I used before) for only $3 each!  I bought two and in 5 minutes today Grace had a new bed skirt.  I love the quick easy (and cheap) way!

Again the view from the door...much better looking now.


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