CSA Updates: Weeks 3 thru 6

It is hard to believe that mid-July is here already.  I have been taking the weekly pictures of my CSA produce, unfortunately I haven’t been posting them.  So here’s an update!

CSA Week 3 ~ 6.16.10

You can see the lettuce & spinach, radishes & onions. The cuke was delicious!

CSA Week 4 ~ 6.23.10

The little bag of peas you see?  Yeah.  That one was gone within an hour of the photo…we sat around the kitchen and ate them as fast as we could shell them.  Sweet!

CSA Week 5 ~ 6.30.10

More delicious peas and our first new potatoes!  Of course there is still lettuce and a couple cukes.  The onions paired nicely with a roast.

CSA Week 6 ~ 7.7.10

The first week for kohlrabi and broccoli.  Delicious!

I asked my hubby what his thoughts were with this CSA stuff so far.  I know that I like it…but wasn’t sure what he thought.  He basically agreed that we are eating even more fresh produce than usual.  He attributes it (at least in part) to a several pound weight loss for him.  The best part for me was when he said that we were throwing out a lot less than he expected we would.

So there are weeks three through six in a nutshell.  We’ll get current in a couple of days when I pick up the new box.

What are you eating that’s fresh?


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