New Birdbath

All the dark stuff is rhubarb leaf that still needed cleaned off.

For being such a small town, there are a lot of things offered.  There is a local plant place/greenhouse that offers weekly classes on Wednesdays.  Many are free and some have small fees.

A month ago I went to a free class on herbs.  It talked about uses for, growing and storing herbs.  I learned some things and picked up some new resources for info on herbs.

Then two weeks ago I attended the most popular class they offer: Birdbaths!  It is offered three times each summer and the class fills up each time.  We made our birdbaths from rhubarb leaves! It was fun…smoothing things out and putting on the cement to dry.  For five days the ladies at the greenhouse slowly dry the cement creations.  Apparently they are stronger if they dry slowly so they spritz them with water every day to slow the drying.

When I picked mine up on the following Monday, it still had a good bit of the leaf attached.  I was told that using a toothpick to clean out the crevices would help.  So I worked on it a couple of days when I had kids outside playing, then we got a big thunderstorm and the pounding rain cleaned it further.  Over time, they say the edges will smooth out too.

While they call it a birdbath, it is said to attract butterflies because it is low and not too deep.  I can’t wait to see how much action there is here. My main birdbath gets used multiple times a day by the neighborhood birdies.  We have a butterfly garden too, so there are lots of butterflies around too.

Filled with water afer a rain.


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