Company Girl Coffee ~ 7.30.10

Hello!  Pull up a seat and get a cup of something good… it’s Friday again.  I am drinking tea, as that is most soothing on this crazy sore throat that popped up in the last day.

Last weekend proved to be a nice slow one, yet a lot got accomplished. This weekend will be a bit busier.  I had hoped to take Grace shopping tonite to the big towns a little over an hour away.  I need to hit Sam’s and Target.  She wants to go to Plato’s Closet and Aero.  Then half-way home we hit a Wal*mart if we still need any groceries.  Leaving at 4:00 (when my dh graciously takes over daycare for me…) we would hope to be home by 11:30.

And then there are some picking opportunities at our CSA farm tomorrow.  Green beans and pickling cukes.  Dan would like to be on the road by 6:30 so we could get there between 7 & 7:30.  That sounds good to me as we’d be home by 11:00 at the latest that way.

So the real dilemma is this dumb sore throat!  Do I stay home and go to bed early tonight so I’m fresh in the morning?  Or push through the trip tonight and early morning tomorrow, then nap tomorrow afternoon before processing the new veggies?  I think I’ll try to lay down at nap time and rest a little while big kids watch a movie, then see how I feel.

Other than my little trips, I hope to check off more of my list of summer projects around the house.  And nap.

What is going on this weekend in your neck of the woods?  Do you have big plans for the weekend? Or is it a slower pace for you now?

To check in with more Company Girls, head over to Home Sanctuary…I hear the coffee is hot and the company is good!



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6 responses to “Company Girl Coffee ~ 7.30.10

  1. You reminded me I should go to the farmer’s market tomorrow – one of the oldest running and best ones in the city is less than half a mile from home.

    Slow weekend, which is fine with me. Cooler, so I can do some sewing. Naps sound like a good plan!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I’d go for going to bed early tonight, if I were sick. Rest speeds up the recovery process.

  3. Sorry you are feeling under the weather, hope you feel better soon. Your outings sound fun, hope you feel like doing them!

  4. I do hope your throat feels better! You have so much to do:) Happy picking and hope your weekend is grand!

  5. joyceandnorm

    Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like quite a list you had there. I remember when weekends were for taking a break, but they seem busier than ever these days. And summer seems even busier too. Hope your throat is feeling better now. Do you think any of these remedies would help?

    • smalltownsimplehome

      How sweet of you to include that link. Zinc & herbal tea w/honey and lemon are staples around here when we are sick but there are some other things that look promising. In fact I’m going to go try some garlic right now!

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