CSA: Weeks 9 & 10

I picked up our 10th delivery tonight so the CSA season is officially half over.  Unbelievable.

CSA Week 9 ~ 7.28.10

Things were starting to get a little ahead of me last week.  Then we went and picked beans and cukes (more on that later).  So the weekend was a time to catch up before too much went to waste.

As you can see, there were carrots, a couple zucchini, a couple cukes, kale, green beans, a walla walla onion, potatoes and a cabbage.  The carrots were used in freezer slaw, along with the cabbage.  The onion went into relish.  I froze the zucchini & yellow squash and we ate the green beans.

The kale was made into kale chips.  I’d never made them before, and learned that they are best right away, warm from the oven.  It is a pretty simple thing to do…wash and pat dry your kale, tear into pieces throwing out/composting the thick stems, rub olive oil on them and sprinkle with sea salt.  Then bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes until they are crisp.  That easy.

And then there are those potatoes.  They are really good potatoes but they seem to be getting the best of me.  I keep forgetting about them.  I used a little over half a bag today for boiled potatoes for lunch then made the leftovers into potato salad.  Now I have two & a half bags to use.  We love potatoes so it really is just a matter of remembering they are there.

CSA Week 10 ~ 8.4.10

Do you see that beautiful sweet corn????  I can’t wait to eat it tomorrow night!  Expecting that corn in this week’s delivery, I had a pot of water on the stove ready. Unfortunately there was a new driver and deliveries were delayed until after supper time. TWO DOZEN EARS!  That means we’ll have corn three times in the coming days!  YUM!

Otherwise things look similar…zucchini (I think I’ll fry some with our supper tomorrow), cukes that will turn into refrigerator pickles,  a pound of green beans (for lunch tomorrow),  potatoes that will add to my stockpile of them, and kale we’ll have as chips (or maybe try in green smoothies?).  Missing from this picture is the big (one pound) walla walla onion.

So there it is…the CSA deliveries thus far.  I am liking this.  Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by so much produce, but it is good for me to have to use so many seasonal veggies.  My kids are fairly receptive and if nothing else are learning that all these vegetables won’t kill them.

Check back next week to see what comes in the next delivery…maybe some tomatoes??

What seasonal veggies are you eating?  And how are you fixin’ them?


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