Crazy Canning

Beans from our backyard gardens.

We love dilly green beans here at our house.  Last year I made a measly half-dozen jars to see if we liked them.  We did!  This year I made about 30 jars.  I have no doubt they will disappear.  I first read about them here.  Then I saw similar recipes, but I stayed with Jen’s.

For these dilly green beans.  I did not want to miss the CSA green bean picking!  It happened that I could pick cukes on the same day.  So Saturday, Dan & I hit the road early and were at the gardens (40 minute drive) by 7:15 am.  We quickly picked almost two buckets of cukes and moved over to the beans.

Beans proved to be a slower picking process.  There were a lot of weeds!  We really didn’t know how many to pick.  It is hard to judge just how many beans are going into those bags…  We finally figured three half-full grocery bags should be plenty.  Are any of you laughing at us yet???

Yield from the CSA picking.

That tub the beans are in??  That is a crisper drawer from the old frig we recently got rid of…the kind of crisper drawer that takes up the whole bottom of the frig.  Yeah.  Maybe we should’ve stopped with two bags of beans.

If you want to see exactly what we did with it all you can read the summary here. Dan also brought leftover produce in to work.  The last of it went home with one of his employees today.

most of it...

...the rest from the other side

The jars on the very end are the jalapeno jelly.  It is the only thing we’ve tried so far…and it is GOOD!  My jalapeno plants are loaded right now, so I know I’ll be making more of that.  Everything else need


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