Company Girl Coffee ~ 8.6.10

Have you ever noticed that time really drags on the week before something exciting?

Starting the week feeling horrible didn’t help, I’m sure, but mostly this week has been spent in anticipation of next week.

What’s next week?  Well that would be a week of vacation!

I make it sound so exciting…and to me it is.  Don’t be disappointed to hear that I am staying home all week.  I already have eye doctor appointments scheduled for both kids, one will go to the dentist and I’m meeting with a new insurance agent and taking the cat to the vet.  There is a meeting at school and the end of the season “dinner from dirt” for the kids’ garden club.   I also will be getting re-licensed for daycare next month so I have some home projects that need done before then…I’ll spare you the gory details of re-licensing.  Suffice it to say it involves many hoops of unknown size & color and hinges on the agreeableness of a self-proclaimed overworked government worker. (Yesterday she spent 7.5 hours at a providers house pointing out a few cobwebs & reading hand soap labels.  yes.  7.5 HOURS!)

I’ve explained to the kids that I hope to work hard in the mornings and play even harder all afternoon.  When making the appointments I stacked everything on three mornings.  I love the days that I can just be a SAHM.  No people in & out by 7:30am.   No big deal if ALL food groups aren’t represented in USDA required proportions at all daytime meals and snacks…  ohhh the freedom!

These are the times it is wonderful living in a tourist area.  There are literally HUNDREDS of lakes less than an hours drive from SmallTown.  I see beaches, magazines and mugs of lemonade in the afternoons.  Grace has asked to invite friends over for a bonfire at least once.  Absolutely!

Dreaming of all the potential of next week has really slowed time this week though.  I am a little irritable with work things.  That could be because I need this time off to re-energize or it means I am really anticipating the laid-back afternoons of next week.  Either way, it is FINALLY FRIDAY!

I am thinking about prepping the bathroom at nap time today.  I really want to paint it and even have a fresh gallon of paint ready.  I figure if I can empty the decorative shelf & tape off the woodwork/trim during nap time, I could have that thing primed and painted before bed!  How cool would that be?

This day will probably be spent watching the clock.  Just a few hours until sweet freedom kicks in….

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6 responses to “Company Girl Coffee ~ 8.6.10

  1. Anticipation is one of the best parts of vacation! There really isn’t anything quite like the moment on that last day before vacation when the minute hand on the clock moves to quitting time.

    Hope you both get your projects done and have all the fun you need next week!

  2. Jen

    Your week off sounds exhausting, but fun! It’s always nice when the routine changes a bit and we can let some things fall by the wayside. Have a blast!

  3. Hope you’re able to have a productive “nap-time” today! 🙂 I’m definitely glad that it’s Friday! 🙂

  4. that’s great that there are so many fun things to do so close by. Enjoy your “staycation”!

  5. joyceandnorm

    I’m so excited for you to have a vacation. I would totally stay at home. =p You don’t have to tell me about re-licensing. I worked at a childcare center, and “accreditation” seemed to be a scary work to lots of my coworkers. As long as the kids aren’t drinking coolant from water bottles like that one center. Yikes! Anyhow, I’m glad you’ll be able to get some stuff done.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful vacation! I hope all the appointments and “have to”s go smoothly so that you can put them all behind you and play as hard as you possibly can!
    Enjoy! 🙂

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