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Menu Plan Monday ~ 9.13.10

Monday again.  This week calls for easy prep lunches and quick suppers.  The weather has cooled down here in Minnesota so casseroles and soups taste good with the chill in the air.  That helps.

Lets start with lunches.

  • Monday – Swedish meatballs, baked potatoes, corn, bread & butter
  • Tuesday – Hot dogs, baked beans, carrot sticks
  • Wednesday – Lasagna hotdish, romaine salad
  • Thursday – Bologna sandwiches, apple slices, fresh veggies
  • Friday – Scrambled eggs, English muffins, green beans, oranges

And suppers should look like this…

  • Monday – Waffles, hash browns, strawberries & blueberries
  • Tuesday – Potato-Sausage casserole, green beans
  • Wednesday – Chef salads, sweet corn
  • Thursday – Leftovers
  • Friday – Stromboli, fresh veggies

Saturday is both a volleyball tournament and opening day for the deer season (archery).  So I’ll be watching VB, Dan will be hunting and Stanley will tag along with one of us (probably Dan).  I see some concession food or packed lunches at noon and maybe something I can put in the crock pot for supper.  Broccoli cheese soup comes to mind.

Sunday I plan to rest.  Enjoying some grilling for lunch and probably leftovers for supper.  Nothing too fussy.

This is a little more red-meat laden than I usually like, but there are weeks like that too.  Maybe some of the other menu plans over at orgjunkie will inspire me for next week!


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CSA: Week 15

CSA Week 15 ~ 9.8.10

Oh look!  Vegetables!

Must be the Wednesday delivery.

As you can see, there is the usual…corn, potatoes, cuke, Walla Walla onion, garlic, green beans.  Then there are a few new things…beets, red onion, jalapeno, BIG banana pepper, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, sage.

Within a couple of hours the tomatoes were already in a new pot of salsa.  Batch 3 for the season.

I really am not sure how I’ll use the rest.  We are planning on eating out the next couple of nights, so some of it I will incorporate into lunch this week yet.  The rest I’ll use up this weekend.

Are you enjoying the garden bounty that comes with late summer?

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School Days!

climbing on the bus this morning

I am not the mom who gets teary-eyed when the kids head out to school the first day.  Nor do I party.

I miss them.  They are great kids.  But I know that they love to go to school.  They like seeing their friends and believe it or not, they like learning new things.  Crazy, huh?

Oddly, they don’t even really like to get a ride to school.  They LIKE the bus.  I know.  Strange.

So while some out there are wiping tears in disbelief that their babies are growing up, and others are scheduling their own playdates to celebrate the kids’ return to school…I will spend my day with work, as usual.  I will be watching for the bus though – anxious to hear about the FIRST DAY!

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Menu Plan Monday ~ 9.6.10

I haven’t posted any menus in a loooooong time!  With school starting tomorrow, I am anxious to get back into routine days.  We ate out more than usual this summer, and while that is fun, I am ready to start cooking complete meals most days.

So here we go…

Today being a holiday & all, everyone is home.

  • Lunch: burgers on the grill, sweet corn, watermelon
  • Supper: chicken quesadillas, mexican beans, salad

And for the rest of the week I’ll just give you a list of lunches and suppers.


  • tuna melts, apple slices, carrot sticks
  • homemade pizza, salad
  • sloppy joes, fried potatoes, nectarines
  • bean & cheese burritos, salad, watermelon


  • sweet & sour meatballs, rice, pineapple & mandarin oranges
  • tomato soup & grilled cheese, carrot sticks, fresh fruit
  • take-n-bake pizza (there is a special on Thurs nite), salad, watermelon
  • leftovers

Next weekend I foresee some combination of  the folloowing:

  • Brats, baked beans, chips
  • A new recipe of some kind
  • Chicken noodle soup, cheese & crackers, fresh fruit
  • Scrambled eggs & ham, toast, fried potatoes, fresh fruit

So there it is…easy variety without much prep work.  Check out all these menu plans, many complete with links to YUMMY recipes!

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Company Girl Coffee ~ 9.3.10

Hey Company Girls!!  Its getting late for coffee, maybe some relaxing herbal tea?  I wanted to get something linked up.  I’ve missed you!

Seems that my vacation led to a blogging vacation.  And now I’ve spent the week (mostly) posting about produce.  So you don’t think its all about produce here, I’ll give you the bullet edition of what else it going on.  And to spare you, I will leave out all things produce/garden/kitchen related.  Or at least I will try.

  • My hubby turned FORTY!  I can’t believe we started dating when he was 17!
  • I had a party for him in HomeTown.  This was way outside my comfort zone, but it was fun and probably about 50 turned out to see him (us).
  • We were in HomeTown for my hubby’s (extended) family reunion.
  • Our nephew was deployed last Friday.  He’s a marine.  He’ll spend time in Pakistan helping with the flood efforts, then to Afghanistan.  This is his 4th deployment and he’ll be gone 8 months.
  • Our niece (above nephew’s sister) is a sailor.  She just spent a few weeks on ship for training.  In a few months she’ll be out on a boat for many months.
  • My kids start school on Tuesday.  I can’t believe my babies are in 5th & 8th grades.  This one year they will both be in the middle school.
  • I’m excited to start up some new activities with my daycare girls.  I currently have all girls during the day.  Five girls under 4 years old.
  • My daycare re-licensing is in just over a week.  That means that I’ll be doing some decluttering and paperwork this weekend.  Deep cleaning I’ll save for next weekend.
  • I am thinking about taking some knitting classes.  I don’t know if there are any beginner classes right now but if not I think I’ll maybe even look at a couple of private lessons to get started.  Or should I learn to crochet first?
  • There is a chill in the air.  Autumn is my season.

There you have it…a few other things happening around here.  I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

–for more company girls stop by Home Sanctuary!


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It hasn’t been a good year for tomatoes.  Most people are getting a little concerned about having enough for all the canning they would like to do.  Knowing this helps me remember to be thankful for the tomatoes I have.

I love the romas for canning.

We haven’t had a bumper crop by any means.  That was two years ago.  But we are doing ok.  I have 10 containers of stewed tomatoes in the freezer and 2 batches of salsa done.  I would like to can some plain tomatoes, either puree (haven’t done before) or whole tomatoes.  We’ll see what I have on hand tomorrow before I decide.   Another batch of salsa would be nice too, but not essential.

The crazy producer is my grape tomato plant!  Dan finally pulled it up last night.  On one plant I got pails full of the sweet little things.

This is the 8th or 9th time we've picked at least this many. Seriously.

Tomorrow I plan to can the flat in my garage.  There are a lot more out there that are ready too.  So some of the ripest will get canned and then we’ll see.  Maybe some more salsa on Monday?

(our csa garden had the tomatoes fall to blight so there isn’t going to be a tomato pick there)

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CSA: Week 14

Here we are…another CSA post.  Just 6 weeks and a couple more picking events left.

CSA Week 14 ~ 9.1.10

Again with the corn.  It will taste good with the grilling I’ve got on the menu plan for the holiday weekend.

The green beans will definitely be easy to eat.  Probably for lunch tomorrow, as I’ve got some in my garden to pick too.

The pepper is HUGE and beautiful!  Not sure exactly how I’ll use it, but I will!

The carrots, cucumber and kale will become snacks or salad additions.  I think I’ll do kale chips again.

The zucchini will get baked and added to a meal.

Garlic?  Well that is always useful.  And the other little bit of green you see in the top of the pic?  That is sage.  If I don’t get to it fresh I will dry it when I get ready to dry more basil and oregano.

Look at that!  A plan for all this garden yummy-ness.

A quick question too…Do you freeze carrots?  Or dishes made with carrots?  Tell me more!  Last time I froze carrots they didn’t really get eaten.  And I have the carrots shown as well as a lot of carrots in my garden waiting to be picked.


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