Isn’t that the status we all send out?

I am so busy!

Really?  Me too.  I have been really busy.

I know what you mean. Things are really busy right now.

All that busy seems to take hold and become a defining part of our lives.  When we aren’t busy we even look around to figure out what we’re missing.  What have we overlooked?

Do you think being busy is becoming the equivalent to being important?  Being needed?

And is that healthy?

Lately I find my self sooooo very tired.  Exhausted even.  I go to bed tired and I get up just as tired.  But I don’t slow down.  In fact I speed up.  Maybe if I hurry up and do more I will have some breathing room to, you know, breathe.

I will admit that the perfectionist in me (that screams to be let loose) usually makes things worse than they are.  Quickly doing a task becomes a bigger project when one must mull over the proper way to do it.  Sickening really.  I have improved over the last several years.  I can let a lot more go than I used to.  But still.  I am caught in a whirl of activities, chores and work.

It has been awhile that I’ve been more aware of this feeling.  Weeks.  Maybe months.  And I keep coming to the subject of rest.

In particular, Sabbath rest keeps coming to mind.

I’ve been reading and thinking.  And praying.  But before I share more of my thoughts, I wondered if you have any to share with me?

Do you keep the Sabbath?  Are you frazzled with the busy life you lead?  How do you balance doing & being?

There is more to life than increasing its speed.  – Gandhi


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