CSA: Corn Pick

Does it seem like everything is about this CSA lately?  Are you bored to tears?  I need to get this down so I remember…you know, for next year.  Yeah, I think we’ll be doing this again next year.  Call me crazy.

one of several flats of corn we cleaned

A few weeks ago we got an email that the corn pick was on. We can pick about 10 dozen ears of corn at the farm.  While we would’ve rather waited another week, we decided to go right away.  Early on a Saturday morning, Dan and I set out, leaving the kids to sleep.  Picking went really quickly.

Then we went up to the farm place to pick up the first of our chickens. With each share in the farm, we get two chickens.  They are big chickens that spent their life feeding on the cover crops at the farm.  My mom & I went together to purchase a chicken share also.  That is 20 chickens we’ll split.  I am really excited to try these birds out.  The first of the two we brought home is thawing now.  It will become a beer-can chicken this weekend.

As for the corn.  Combined with what we had at home already, we froze 163 ears of corn.  The kids really don’t mind cleaning corn so they helped a lot.

A daycare family of mine in HomeTown (and also a farm family & sweet corn growers)  shared a recipe for corn with me years ago.  It is my favorite.

getting a pan ready for the oven

** see the cobs there?  An electric knife works great for getting that corn cut off quickly!

Canned Sweetcorn

40 ears corn, cut from cob

1 pound butter

1 pint half&half

4 Tbsp sugar

4 tsp salt

Mix together in roasting pan and bake for 1 hour @ 350 degrees, stirring occasionally.   Bag in quart size zip top bags and cool bags in ice bath.  Freeze.

It isn’t thick like creamed corn, but it is kind of soupy.  There is great flavor and I’ve found that I can cut back a little on the butter and half&half.

this was taken directly to the town's compost site

After getting the 2 dozen quart size bags of corn into the freezer, all that remained was husks and cobs.  Thankfully the town’s compost site is open until 7 pm on Saturdays.


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One response to “CSA: Corn Pick

  1. Hi there! (Company Girl here)
    Wow… looks like you have some serious gardening going on and you do daycare? Fantastic!
    It really cool that your town has a communal compost heap, sounds like they are really organised!
    Congrats on the harvest and well done on the recycling!
    I’ll link you up so I can come back to read more later, love reading about others’ gardening and cooking, so don’t apologise for it! I wish I could work in our yard but my allergies don’t let me…

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