CSA: Week 12

CSA Week 12 ~ 8.18.10

Two weeks ago we picked up a very heavy bag of produce.  With 5 inches of rain at the farm in the days preceding our delivery, the guy in charge, Mark, didn’t think we’d have much in the bag this week.  Fortunately picking went better than expected.

Again there were 2 dozen ears of sweet corn.   Stanley made a comment about how it tastes so good when we finally start eating it each summer but when you have it so often, it gets normal.  That started a nice discussion about eating seasonally. That it helps to see the seasons pass, knowing that early summer brings sweet, fresh strawberries while late summer brings sweet corn.  Winter is a time where we don’t eat as many fresh vegetables, mostly potatoes, carrots and squash unless it is frozen or canned.   And it helps us to appreciate each season’s bounty so that things don’t all seem “normal” all year long.

And with that in mind, I won’t complain about the abundance of produce and the work it brings with it.  What will I do with all my time in January?

**Everything you see in the picture was eaten or preserved in some way for later use.


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