It hasn’t been a good year for tomatoes.  Most people are getting a little concerned about having enough for all the canning they would like to do.  Knowing this helps me remember to be thankful for the tomatoes I have.

I love the romas for canning.

We haven’t had a bumper crop by any means.  That was two years ago.  But we are doing ok.  I have 10 containers of stewed tomatoes in the freezer and 2 batches of salsa done.  I would like to can some plain tomatoes, either puree (haven’t done before) or whole tomatoes.  We’ll see what I have on hand tomorrow before I decide.   Another batch of salsa would be nice too, but not essential.

The crazy producer is my grape tomato plant!  Dan finally pulled it up last night.  On one plant I got pails full of the sweet little things.

This is the 8th or 9th time we've picked at least this many. Seriously.

Tomorrow I plan to can the flat in my garage.  There are a lot more out there that are ready too.  So some of the ripest will get canned and then we’ll see.  Maybe some more salsa on Monday?

(our csa garden had the tomatoes fall to blight so there isn’t going to be a tomato pick there)


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