Magazines: A Love/Hate Relationship

Over the weekend I began purging the house of junk.  Buying and subscribing to magazines has always been a weakness of mine.  I used to subscribe to 4 or 5 magazines.  Now only one.  And I doubt I will renew that one.  I was also known to buy a few magazines a month at the checkout lane.  I really do LOVE magazines.

During the we-own-two-houses-and-have-no-money era I knew I had to  cease with the checkout line magazine buying.  At almost $5 a pop, it was just not possible to keep that habit going.

I did hold onto all my old issues of magazines though… I have had stacks and stacks of magazines.  Under the bed.  In a nightstand drawer.  In a big basket in the living room.  In a box in the storage area.  In my office.  In the bathroom.  You get the idea.

Earlier in 2010 I thought I finally had the strength to get rid of them.  I did the clip-great-articles-to-look-at-later thing.  They are neatly filed in a couple of accordian file things.  And in six months I haven’t needed one of those articles.  I did decrease the size of a few stacks that way.

So, thoroughly sick of my piles of junk I decided to cull the magazines.  While my family laughed I measured my success…. 24 inches of recycling!  TWO full feet of magazines stacked up!

I did save a few, and they are in the basket in the living room.  Of course there are a couple of magazines in the bathroom too.

While I’m happy to be rid of TWO FEET of clutter, I can’t help but think that I may be missing out on something.


  • 11,387 tips for beating stress
  • 9,026 great uses for a handy kitchen tool we all own
  • 23,612 great beauty products under $12.73
  • Answers to all my parenting questions… complete with cute crafts.
  • 795 super foods to make me bionic
  • 817 foods that will kill me
  • Detailed directions to every effective exercise move.  Ever.
  • 679 ways to brighten up any room
  • 912 ways to organize any room
  • 1190 ways to clean practically anything

That is a LOT of great information.  And I’m getting rid of it!!!  What am I thinking!?!?

Oh.  Wait.  I know!  I have a library.  And they have magazines.

Have you noticed that every magazine has some combination of the following:

  • How to look better
  • How to feel better/be healthier
  • How to handle some common problem experienced by 90% of the population
  • A handful of new! seasonal! recipes
  • How to decorate/prepare for the current season/holiday
  • and of course… HOT! NEW! TRENDS!

I was at the library tonight to help Grace with some research for a speech.  I also spent 20 minutes reading some magazines I had resisted at the grocery store last week.  Next time though, I need to remember a little notebook and pen so I can write down really great ideas and websites to check out that are mentioned in articles.

So how about you?  Do you love or hate magazines?


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