Checking In… and Promising Nothing

Hello there!  If there is anyone there….  I know it’s been a LONG time.  So lets recap the last 6 months.

SmallTown – yep.  Still living in the small town.  I love it more every year.  We will always be the new family to those who grew up here.  Because that’s just how it goes in a small town.  Now when I go to the grocery store, I inevitably run into people I know.  My kids’ social calendars stay plum full and we are as busy as we want to be, but that is getting into the “SimpleHome” part of this post so we’ll save that for a few minutes.  Unlike much of America, our main street is thriving without any empty storefronts that I can think of right now.  Industry is booming and the factories are expanding and hiring.  Support for the schools is good… and school spirit is great!  My kids can bike all over town without having to worry.  It is a great little place here in Minnesota’s vacation land!

SimpleHome – Well… not so sure about this.  We try to still keep things simple but it gets harder all the time.  I seem to run constantly.  Projects have been piling up and I don’t seem to get enough sleep.  With that said, we are all having a LOT of  fun!  So I am trying to not stress out when we aren’t so good about using up the CSA veggies or when I haven’t made bread in a week.  Menus are sporadic and yet everyone seems to get fed, so really should this worry me too much?  I don’t know.  It seems like maybe there is a little more “simple” right around the corner, so I am hopeful!!

Back a couple years ago I read some blogs where the moms struggled with how to write about their teen kids.  I didn’t see the problem.  Now I do.  The girl is 14 (and a half!) and just an awesome kid!  I love her more every day!  She isn’t a nasty teenager by any means.  But I am learning that the growing that is taking place with her now is equally immense and important as the growing she did as a toddler and preschooler.  It brings memories of my own teen years to the surface and sparks interesting conversations with my husband.

The boy is 11 now and equal parts fun-loving and obstinate.  I struggle with finding ways to connect with him in ways that bring us closer and still foster respect.  He is adorable though which has saved him from big trouble more than once.  He likes playing catcher on his baseball team and still likes wrestling during the winter.  He’s got some new friends this year and those kids are FUNNY!

I haven’t gotten to scrapbook in ages, but that’s okay.  There will be time again. I spend time entertaining kids and enjoying my family.

My hubby still likes to fish and hunt.  He just took on some new challenges at work.  I am excited for him!  He is currently working on some home projects that I am also excited about.

And here I am… taking a little break in my day to regroup and do some writing.  I’ve missed being around here.   So while I’m not promising anything, maybe I will be back again soon.  Suddenly, for some reason, I seem to think I have things to say!

If you have still been checking in… leave a comment and let me know!  I’d love to see who’s still out there!



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2 responses to “Checking In… and Promising Nothing

  1. Heather

    So good to see you back at blogging!

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