Menu Plan Monday ~ 7.11

My menu planning has been all but nonexistent!  I am hoping to get better this week!  Thursday and Friday we will be gone during the day and I don’t know when we will get home so it will either be supper on the road or something quick and easy at home.

Lunches for Monday through Wednesday:

  • English muffin pizzas, spinach salad and watermelon
  • Chicken & Rice casserole with broccoli,  peaches
  • Lettuce wraps with turkey and cheese, crackers, melon

Suppers for the week:

  • Stromboli, lettuce salad
  • Shredded venison roast on buns, fresh veggies, applesauce
  • Chef salads, nectarines, kohlrabi sticks and toast

(then there are bound to be leftovers and a meal out do to the schedule)

Making this plan is definitely a step in the right direction…. now comes the hard part!  Follow-through!!

Good luck in your meal-making this week!  For LOTS of inspiration and yummy recipe links visit OrgJunkie for Menu Plan Monday links!



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2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday ~ 7.11

  1. I haven’t had venison in forever that sounds so good=)

  2. your lunches sound great! i wish i had time to make lunches like that!
    i would love if you would come visit my blog and check out my Menu Plan
    Enjoy your week
    From Cristin To Mommy

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