I am coming to understand that there is quite a difference between boys and girls when it comes to sleepovers. It is surprising.
I have only ever been familiar with girl sleepovers. Until this last year, that is.
When girls have a sleepover is tends to be at least semi-planned. Probably in part because girls are a bit more ordered in their social situations. And also because girls have stuff. A lot of stuff. That they NEED! So when girls decide to have an impromptu sleepover a parent inevitably has to go deliver or retrieve the girls’ stuff.

Boys? They need nothing. They like sleeping in their clothes. They borrow each others shorts and swim trunks without thinking twice if they will fit or if they will “look cute” on them. And a night without a toothbrush! Oh yeah!

As far as sleeping goes… Girls will make a bed up.  Boys will crash wherever.  A mom told me the other day that when my boy stayed at her house recently she found that the boys had decided to throw a blanket on a bunch of clothes piled on the kid’s bedroom floor and sleep on that.  Really.  When the mom asked her son about it, he simply told her they both decided it was comfortable enough.  Go figure.

Sunday, after a baseball team party my son and another boy were asked to stay at the host’s house for a sleepover.  We could simply leave, no worries.  Then Monday I got a call from my son after he finished baseball practice, asking if he could stay at a friend’s house.  As in, I am going home with them and they will bring me to practice again tomorrow.  When the mom said “he doesn’t need anything, does he?” I did suggest that they stop by for a toothbrush and maybe another pair of shorts.   I can overlook more than I ever thought I would… but TWO out of three nights without a toothbrush?  I’m not there yet!


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