Company Girls ~ 7.15

Ahhhh…. Friday is here!  And it’s shaping up to be a wonderful day!

I woke up to a little storm rumbling through.  Layed in bed, just enjoying the slow pace for a little bit and then took a long shower.  Now it is only 8:30 and I’m at the coffee shop, determined to get this post out.  It is quiet and I have a (free) spiced chai next to me…. really this will be a great day!

Normally I work on Fridays but we had Girl Scout summer camp plans fall through, turning our 2 night camping trip into a one day camp.  Now the girl and I are heading out for a big shopping day.  We even like the hour-plus drive.  We will jam to her music, played loudly.  We will pick girly places for lunch and supper.  We’ll roam the mall and hit Sam’s Club.  There are lists a mile long… but we have so much fun.

In an hour we’ll finish up our errands and head west.  I feel like it’s going to be a relaxing, productive day!  …full of laughs!

Other than today?  I am overwhelmed by the chaos that has collected in my house.  I need to really clean, declutter and PURGE a lot.  Bookkeeping needs some attention.  And after rejuvenating today, I think I will have the energy to tackle some of that craziness!  The weekend is pretty open.  Lets hope I can fill it with productive fun!

How about you?  What’s happening in your life? I know I’ve been gone quite awhile, so I’m looking forward to checking out what’s going on.   Stop over at Home Sanctuary and visit!




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4 responses to “Company Girls ~ 7.15

  1. Your “road trip” sounds like a lot of fun! Sometimes that is just what is needed to jump start productivity at home, that getting out of the usual and doing something you enjoy! Here’s to a productive weekend (for both of us)

  2. Productive fun sounds like a great plan! Sometimes making a “game” of organizing or cleaning makes it a little better, even if the tasks aren’t too fun.

  3. Sounds nice…sometimes I really like it when plans fall through…better than planning for space sometimes. Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds awesome! Have a wonderful productive weekend!

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