Sunday Summary 7.17

I’m getting a little peace and quiet at the coffee shop again.  You may notice that it’s where I do a lot of my writing these days.  It does me good to get out of the house for a little bit.  And somehow I think better about all this stuff when I am not surrounded by the noise and chaos.

As expected the shopping day was really fun on Friday!  We didn’t get to a couple of stores we were hoping to, but we got home at 11:30pm utterly exhausted!  It was a FULL day.  Somehow I missed the exact moment when the girl decided to like dresses and consequently dressing up.  She likes pearls and a little bit of lace.  This interests me since I’m more of a diamond girl.  While shopping she wanted to look at suits (for speech season) and sundresses for “everyday” or something.  Amazing.  She did end up with a few dresses and wore one yesterday already.  She is taking a little more time with her makeup and hair, but thankfully not going overboard.  I am so proud of the young woman she’s growing into… it is really amazing!  Wow!

And as hoped for, the weekend has been pretty productive.  By the end of the day I should have the upstairs main living area de-cluttered, cleaned and looking good!  While I’m here my kids are washing the entry paneling (lower half of the walls) and kitchen cupboard fronts (top and bottom) then scrubbing down the table, chairs, and bar stools!  I sound like a slave driver and the boy may say I am but the girl asked if we have a plan for doing the same in the basement!  I told her that we’d tackle that during the evenings this week.  She said “even the office?”  How cute is that!?!

The only thing that is going to get put off is the bread baking.  I will have to do regular bread, but the 4 batches of blueberry zucchini bread I hoped to get done will wait for a few days.  I did however get a huge batch of spaghetti sauce made (teaching the girl how to make it) and froze a dozen big packages of peas.

While there is still chaos and craziness, I am looking forward to this week.  It holds the possibility of getting even more things under control.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a happy, blessed week!


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