Menu Plan Monday ~ 7.18

Well, last week went pretty well.  Not perfect, but better than the last many weeks have been!  The biggest success was coming home from our pea pick at the CSA farm to a roast already done, saving us from fast food!  Yeah!  Within 15 minutes of being home there were shredded beef sandwiches, baked beans and carrot sticks.  I also liked not having a specific meal assigned to each day.  It gave me the freedom to know that I had something on hand for everyday, but could make what I felt like making and fit into the craziness of the day.

Now I’m excited to try again.  Let’s see what can go on this week’s menu!  In cleaning out the pantry and looking at all I had on hand, I am pretty stocked up on ingredients for Mexican dishes.  And we have 16 jars of canned salsa to use before tomatoes start taking over.


  • Lettuce wraps with deli meat and shredded cheese
  • Quesadillas – either bean or chicken, we’ll see what I find more of in the freezer
  • Lasagna hotdish (made in the crockpot?)
  • Crockpot cheeseburgers
  • Tilapia fillets


  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Chef salads
  • Enchiladas
  • Chicken legs
  • Leftovers

Side-dishes will consist of LOTS of veggies! Our CSA has been delivering a ton of vegetable variety on Thursdays!  We will have green beans, Chinese cabbage, peas (shelling and sugar snap), onions, lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce, some spinach, kohlrabi, cabbage and maybe a carrot or two.  Fresh fruits right now include kiwi, nectarines, oranges and bananas.  So any combination of those will grace our plates at any given meal.

What will be on your plates this week?  Looking for some meal planning inspiration?  Look no further than the Menu Plan Monday links  hosted this week by Finding Joy in My Kitchen!  Wow there are some creative ladies out there!!


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