Summer: the half-way summary

Exactly half-way through this summer, I am wondering where the time has gone…  Yes, I counted out the days/weeks.  I like numbers.

It seems to have at least partially gone to:

  • bonfires
  • sleepovers
  • parties
  • baseball practice
  • baseball games
  • house guests
  • weekend trips to visit family
  • a visit with a dear friend (Hi Heather!)
  • time at the lake
  • tubing at the lake
  • fishing
  • quiet hours at the coffee shop with a spiced chai
  • strawberry picking
  • making strawberry  jam  syrup
  • picking peas
  • shelling and freezing peas
  • tearing apart a bathroom!

The second half will see the end of baseball, but won’t slow down!

  • BIG family trip (first ever)
  • camp for kids
  • bathroom redo to complete
  • garage to clean out and reorganize
  • more time at the lake
  • more fishing
  • CSA harvest events
  • gardening to keep up on
  • freezing and canning to do
  • painting

Just as I don’t know how we fit it all in the first half, I don’t really know how it will all get done in the second half.  But I think that somehow it will…


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One response to “Summer: the half-way summary

  1. Heather

    Hello right back to you! After all that talk of cleaning…I have decided to use an “outside” motivator – a garage sale – to help me get the house back in shape before school starts. Even the girls are motivated to clean out their rooms! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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