And Then There is Life

I was doing pretty good.  Then it got busy this weekend.  I took Grace to camp, leaving at 8:30 am and returning at 9:00 pm on Sunday.  Work is crazy.  Kids are squirrely.  Today at one time I had three workmen from two different places working on various issues in my house, the water shut off and kids getting up from nap and needing to “potty” already!  At the same time there was also a neighbor boy knocking to tell me he hit a ball into my backyard and he needed to get it, a woman calling from church with a prayer request, Grace’s boyfriend visiting and my hubby coming home to get the boy for wrestling camp (sending his two friends home).  Now there is a little quiet but I still haven’t really accomplished much today.  Just keeping everyone in a forward motion was a full time job.

So the biggest question now is whether, after a trip to the grocery store, do I try to do a load of laundry or maybe the handwashing?  Or go to bed?  If I stay up a little I might get to talk to grace via email before bed… but that might not be til 11:00…. decisions decisions decisions!

I hope all is running smoothly for you!  Thanks for stopping by…. maybe next time I will have something interesting to say?!?  Never can tell!


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