A New Year

Full of promise. Full of potential. Full of hope.  I love January.  Don’t get me wrong… the holidays are good. Really, every month has its merits.  But January is cozy and gives permission to get out new calendars, pens and journals.  Once Christmas decorations are down, everything has a cleaner, calmer look.  It is good.

I am hopeful that this year I learn to live a more mindful life.  That I truly start living with intention.  I’ve dappled with that before, and then the chaos sweeps over me and I’m running along, trying to keep up.  Life is so much better when I live proactively instead of in reaction to all that is happening around me.

My only true resolution?  To floss my teeth.


That’s it. One simple little thing.  Floss 366 times in 2012.  While it sounds easy, I expect there will be more than once I get back out of bed to quick floss.  I only hope I don’t end up keeping floss on my nightstand because I’m too lazy to even get out of bed!  I will draw the line there.  No floss stored in the bedroom. Gross.

Of course, as an overachiever, I have all the usual great ideas: lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, read good things, stick to my budget, keep in touch with friends, keep my ironing from piling up… you get the idea.

But really, I’m tired of those “resolutions” and need a change.

So flossing wins.

And so far?  Doin’ alright!


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