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Just a week after my last post, I took my girl to Mayo Clinic for a week of testing. Oh, we didn’t go with the thought we’d be there a week… but we were. Then in February we were there for another 4 days. This month? We only had one appointment two weeks ago. And if we’re lucky we don’t go back for 2 months.

She has a couple of chronic conditions. She is an amazing girl who is still an A student although she’s missed about 2 dozen days of school so far. She is happy and peppy. And a little sassy, in a good way. Everyday she feels rotten to some degree. It may be light-headedness or headaches or hot/cold spells or stomach pain and cramps all day. Or any number of other uncomfortable things. She’s passed out in school, at church, at home and at Mayo Clinic. She plays two band instruments and is a rock star on the speech team.

Before you want to tell me all the things it could be or that I should be doing… I’ll tell you that any/all heart issues have been ruled out with a LOT of tests. Seizures and other brain abnormalities have been ruled out with an EEG and MRI. She’s had an upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scan with barium contrast, Renal Scan with lassix, multiple labs and other random tests I’m forgetting right now. Celiac and Fructose Intolerance have been ruled out. Most everything has been ruled out. I am pretty confident that her diagnosis are correct and the main cause of her symptoms. (I’m not quite ready to share the diagnosis) We are working on getting her feeling better with lifestyle changes and medications. It’s a slow process but we’re hopeful!

So, I still live in a SmallTown and I still strive for a SimpleHome, but the reality is that we take it all a day at a time.

Honestly, I have taken it hard the last month. These first months of this year are taking their toll on this mama’s heart. I do the thing in front of me and that’s about it. I do my best to follow my daughter’s example: suck it up, smile and get through the day with as much joy as possible. Obviously watching her suffer is tough. So is not knowing if I will get to work on my own stuff at night or if I’ll be sitting with her while she feels awful.

So there is a glimpse of the reality. I’m still not sure why I’m putting this out there. Maybe I need to get some of it out of my head. Maybe someone out there won’t feel like they are alone. Because sometimes I feel that way.

Now it’s midnight and I need to make a meatloaf for tomorrow. If you feel like it, comment! I’d love to hear what you make ahead to save time (and sanity) the next day.

Maybe I’ll be back soon. Maybe I’ll be cuddling with my wonderful teenage girl. Either way, thanks for stopping by… I haven’t forgotten about this place.


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