A Walk on Wednesday

I’ve finally gotten sick losing and gaining the same 5-7 pounds for the last 8 years.  It’s nice I haven’t gained, really.  But I’d like to just feel better.  More energetic.  My check-up in January deemed me perfectly healthy.  Cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid levels… all that stuff is just dandy.  My doc says I should try to lose some weight, but not to stress out too much.  I was down 5 pounds from the previous January.  But I know I could lose 40 pounds and still have some weight to spare.  I’m not really fixated on a number… more looking to boost my confidence and energy. 

So I bit the bullet and signed up for a “total makeover” type package at the local gym.  It’s a 3 month program with something like 16 visits with the personal trainer…Pete.  We met for the first time on Monday and he says weights will be our main focus.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to that more than if he’d said cardio.  So I am optimistic and excited.  Outside of our meetings for the first few weeks he wants me to walk (doesn’t have to be strenuous or fast) for 30 minutes a day. 

Tonight drove Grace to a neighboring town for her haircut.  Instead of reading magazines and chatting, I turned on my iPod and walked around town.  It was good.  And I’m proud of myself.  It’s about time I did something for ME… so this is it. 

Here’s to moms making time for themselves too!  Find yourself a few minutes today and you’ll be glad you did!


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