The Trap

I just found myself getting into that old habit of thinking that things will slow down soon.  We all know that doesn’t really happen!  It’s a trap.  That’s my conclusion.

I was looking at the schedule for the week…. ugh.  Work for three days and then head to the cities for the State Speech Tournament.  My girl and one of the kids I coach both qualified to compete, along with a handful of other awesome kids from SmallTown.   But it isn’t just work for three days.  Monday there are parent/teacher conferences at school.  Given Grace’s current situation health-wise, we NEED to meet with teachers.  Then I meet with trainer Pete at 5:30.  That will last until 6:45 and then I’ll go straight to the library for a coaching session with the kid I mentioned, until 8:00.  Tuesday?  Daycare training in a neighboring town until 9pm.  And my son has gun safety training in a neighboring town.  Wednesday?  A haircut… finally!  Except I may have to reschedule it so I can get some more coaching time in with the kid.  Then I leave at 8am on Thursday and return about 3am Saturday.

So I am thinking that THEN it will slow down.  But will it really?  You know how this goes…. we envision how much time we’ll have to… I don’t know… breathe!   To catch up on things and relax a little.  That doesn’t really seem to happen though.  First we work to catch up on all the things we let slide during the crazy-busy time.  But THEN!  Oh, then….. it will surely slow down.  Or will it.

So today, while it rains, I am catching up on some paperwork and getting ready to take my girl to a nearby town to shop for some things she’ll need for the State trip.  Then maybe I’ll clean.  All the while doing my best to just enjoy this day; not worry about the next one.

I don’t want to get caught up in the trap.


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