Here we go again…

I have thought about just starting this blog thing over again… then I think that doing this at all is crazy… then I think it’d be a good outlet.  I truly don’t know.  So, lets give it another start.

Hi!  I am a mom.  I have two kids, one husband and a couple pets.  One kid is a pretty normal boy, or so I’m told by my husband.  I didn’t have much experience living around boys when I was growing up so a lot of this is foreign to me.  He’s a great kid though and he can always make me laugh, so how can I complain?  The other kid is a fantastic kid, too.  But she struggles with health conditions.  And that sucks.

Right now I’m waiting for the school to call.  Grace has been unconscious/unresponsive for over 45 minutes.  She’s been moved to the sick room and they are monitoring her pulse and pupils.  Sounds like something that should alarm us, right?  I would think so too, except that when this happened last month and we took her to the local ER we were treated like we shouldn’t have gone in.  We’ve since met with her primary care physician and her neurologist and they assure us that a syncope of this duration is nothing to worry about as long as her vitals are good.

They are, so I wait.

Bring her home! That’s what my mommy’s gut cries.  It’s hard to move an unresponsive child.  Over a hundred pounds of dead weight is not easy to maneuver into a vehicle.  I would hate for anyone to get hurt in the process.  So she was moved by wheelchair out of the classroom and to the office.

It’s been 2.5 weeks since she had a syncope at school.  Or at all.  The last one was more typical, lasting only a few minutes.  It did however stray from the norm in that she woke up vomiting.  She stayed at school that day and just called for some clean pants because she’d thrown up on hers.

I can’t imagine what its like to be her.  To never know when she’ll pass out or who will see or what will happen.  She’s a trooper… she just keeps going.

It’s been an hour now.  And I hate every minute.  There are a lot of things that stink about all this.  But, there are blessings too.  I think it’s time to talk a little more about both.

Another call from school… she’s starting to open her eyes but won’t respond when they talk to her.  I just called my hubby to go bring her home.


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