Pretty Good

…that’s how I’d describe the past couple of weeks.  But then, if I think about it more I realize there have been a few rotten days in the last two weeks.  Try not to dwell on the crummy days, though.

Today Grace woke with a headache.  After OTC pain meds and two hours more sleep, she made it to school.  It’s 2:30 and she’s still there, so that’s good.  Then she goes to physical therapy.  She probably won’t be able to do a lot, but that’s ok.  I like that sometimes her health care team sees her on ordinary bad days.  That way I don’t look so crazy when I try to describe one of these “pretty good” days later.  She’s not strong or perky today, but I don’t have to walk her to the bathroom and her dad didn’t have to carry her out of school.  All in all, that’s not a real bad day.

And as I’m typing, I get an email from Grace.  Can I cancel PT?  She’s just too tired.  I messaged back that maybe she should just try it… we’ll see.



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