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Working on it….

There is so much going on here in Rochester.  This really is a family program that my daughter is  in.  Through this, I think we’ll all refocus on our priorities and how to manage better in the crazy times.  I know that it’s helping me think diferently about what is important.  What do I NEED to fit into my days and what is maybe not so important.  The kids are told to remember that MODERATION is key.  I would say that along with that moderation, being INTENTIONAL in our actions is also important. 

I see Grace plan her days and she is great at making sure she balances out the different areas of life.  But then an hour or two get away from her… pretty soon it’s hard to know how to adjust the schedule and reorganize the priorities. 

Lessons.  Lots of them. 

And we keep working on it.


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My Turn

Happy Saturday.  My girl is midway (almost) through an outpatient program at Mayo in Rochester.  I will talk more about it later, no doubt.  For now, I am checked in and slightly unpacked at the Ronald McDonald House for my final week of staying with Grace.  The other parents are on the next floor watching a movie, I’m told, yet I can’t muster the energy to join them.  I am exhausted.  I hope to stay active and accomplish some things in my free time this week, so tonight I just want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. 

Just outside the door, many of Grace’s new friends are assembled to watch a movie themselves.  I can’t hear the movie but the talk is nonstop. 

My eyes are dry and feel gluey.  And heavy.  I am chilly.  A snack would be nice.  I really should drink some water, too. 

I think I’ll venture out to the kitchen area on this floor and see what looks tasty in our little nooks.  I’ll fill my water mug.  I’ll come back and curl up.  Or not.  I really don’t know.  In two hours I hope that Grace and I are both tucked in all snug. 

A long winter’s nap sounds wonderful!!

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New Stuff

Happy New Year!

There continue to be good days.  There are still bad days.  This week, Grace enters an outpatient program at Mayo.   I believe it has the potential to make a HUGE difference in our little family’s lives.  Especially hers.  Later I will talk more about that whole thing.

Not just because it’s January, but because the opportunity is here…. Time to get a little more mindful.  There is a January budget.  There are some books that I’ve started.  I’ve taken my vitamins for almost a week straight.  I know, sounds dumb.  But hey! Have to start somewhere, right?

Now it’s about finishing the books.  Following the budget.   Keep taking the vitamins.  Make thoughtful decisions.

Because it IS January, I will make a little list of 13 things I hope to do better in 2013.

  1. Go back to low carb eating.
  2. Head to the gym 3x a week.
  3. Follow the budget.
  4. Hang some pictures on the wall. Our photos.
  5. Read some books. Regularly.
  6. Have more fun at work.
  7. Go on dates with my husband.
  8. Clean out my closet.
  9. Make my son a quilt for his 13th birthday.
  10. Spend time in the Word. Regularly.
  11. Catch up on ONE scrapbook project.
  12. Count my blessings. Daily.
  13. Be a better friend.

Obviously all this won’t happen overnight.  That’s okay.  If the last couple of years has taught me anything, it’s that all we can do is try. So I will do what I can each day… It feels good to be hopeful and know that maybe all it will take is being a little more mindful.

Happy New Year!



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