My Turn

Happy Saturday.  My girl is midway (almost) through an outpatient program at Mayo in Rochester.  I will talk more about it later, no doubt.  For now, I am checked in and slightly unpacked at the Ronald McDonald House for my final week of staying with Grace.  The other parents are on the next floor watching a movie, I’m told, yet I can’t muster the energy to join them.  I am exhausted.  I hope to stay active and accomplish some things in my free time this week, so tonight I just want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. 

Just outside the door, many of Grace’s new friends are assembled to watch a movie themselves.  I can’t hear the movie but the talk is nonstop. 

My eyes are dry and feel gluey.  And heavy.  I am chilly.  A snack would be nice.  I really should drink some water, too. 

I think I’ll venture out to the kitchen area on this floor and see what looks tasty in our little nooks.  I’ll fill my water mug.  I’ll come back and curl up.  Or not.  I really don’t know.  In two hours I hope that Grace and I are both tucked in all snug. 

A long winter’s nap sounds wonderful!!


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