Still Working…

It’s been a few months and we’re still working on this new program.  Overall things are going really really well for Grace.  She hasn’t passed out in almost 4 months.  This is HUGE.  The program is a BIG FAT DEAL though and takes a lot of thought, planning and tweaking.  We’re still working all that out.  They say that the first 6 months after graduating from the program is crucial.  We don’t hit the 6 month marker until August.  I’m happy that we’re still working away at this.  I’m happy that Grace hasn’t missed a day of school or an activity, due to illness, since leaving Mayo.  Amazing.

There is finally warm weather in MN and I can’t find my shorts!  Figures, right?  I’ve planted a few cool crops in the garden boxes and I am excited for the time outside.

The days are definitely busy.  We are changing so many things around our house and that is a process, but at the heart of it we still hope to just be a family making memories in a small town simple home.

Back to basics & counting our blessings.


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